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Tea-Infused Pizza Recipes You Need in Your Oven

September 14, 2017

Pizza.  Along with the hamburger and the hotdog, it’s as American as apple pie.  And we eat a lot of it.  According to a report written by the United States’ Department of Agriculture, 1 out of every 8 adults are eating pizza on any given day.  Just how much pizza are those adults eating?  According to the Atlantic, we eat 100 acres of pizza every day.  Acres.  While pizza’s popularity has soared, so too have our standards. Gone are the days when dough, sauce, and cheese were enough to make mouths water. Today’s consumers want more from their meals. More flavors, more texture, more everything. Global toppings, adventurous flavor pairings, and innovative crusts are changing the pizza landscape.


That’s where tea comes in.


Tea-infused pizzas are bringing a new element to the classic pizza pie, delighting eaters with tea-infused crusts or tea-infused toppings.  If you’re craving something new from your pizza this Friday night or you’ve got a bunch of foodies to impress, try your hand at one of these tea-infused pizza recipes:

1) Matcha Flatbread Pizza

Matcha Flatbread Pizza



This recipe from Sandra’s Easy Cooking bakes matcha into a flatbread pizza dough for a green burst of flavor in every bite. Matcha joins flour, salt, oil, sugar, yeast, and skim milk to make the base of the pizza, which is then topped with provolone cheese, shrimp, spinach, tomatoes, scallions, honey-sauteed carrots, and sesame seeds. Talk about flavor!

2) Matcha Green Tea Pizza with Sesame Glazed Mushrooms

Matcha Green Tea Pizza with Sesame Glazed Mushrooms


This recipe from Heather Christo also starts with a green tea pizza crust, but replaces cheese with an almond ricotta that makes the dish dairy-free. Also gluten-free and vegan, this pizza will satisfy any and all diet-restricted guests. Joining the almond ricotta are caramelized onions and sesame glazed mushrooms that provide lots of flavor and nutrition.

3) Tea Pizza With Shitake Mushrooms and Steak


This recipe from Tea Chef uses tea instead of water to make the pizza dough, and also includes chopped up tea leaves to spike it with flavor and color. The author recommends using an oolong tea or “bold/spicy flavored teas” to give the dough something extra, so pick your favorite! The steak that tops this pizza is also cooked with tea, giving you even more tea-flavored goodness. Dehydrated shitake mushrooms complete the masterpiece. Find your favorite tea and give this customizable, mouth-watering recipe a go.

4) Gourmet Thai Chicken Pizza

Gourmet Thai Chicken Pizza


In this recipe, brewed black tea joins peanut butter, rice vinegar, soy sauce, chili oil, ginger, and honey for a Thai-inspired take on pizza sauce. Atop the sauce, enjoy mouthfuls of chicken that’s been seasoned with sesame seeds, paprika, red chile pepper, salt, green onions, carrots, and cilantro. Mozzarella cheese and honey wheat crust complete the pizza for a winning tour de flavor.

5) Moody Blue Flatbread with Apple Fig and Black Tea Preserves

Moody Blue Flatbread with Apple Fig and Black Tea Preserves


This pizza pie from Yael Writes tops a flatbread with Moody Blue Cheese, sliced apples, sliced pears, arugula, pancetta, and—our favorite part—Quince & Apple Figs and Black Tea Preserves.  Excuse us while we go make this flatbread right now…

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