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8 Matcha-Infused Halloween Recipes

December 12, 2017

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it, Halloween parties! Whether you need to bring a treat to your kid’s class party or to your grown-up soiree, we’ve sourced some delectably creepy tea-infused recipes that will get the job done. Whip up any of these desserts, and party goers will be sure to find you downright bewitching:

1) Tea-Licious Frankenstein Halloween Cookies

These cookies from Brit + Co rely on matcha to make Frankenstein both green and tasty. This monster never looks so good!

2) Frog Eggs & Eyeballs (Coconut Green Tea Chia Pudding)

This recipe from Kitchn is an eyeful—er, we mean mouthful. Blueberries, pimiento-stuffed olives, and longan fruit are used to make faux eyeballs, which find a home in gooey coconut green tea chia pudding. To make the pudding, you’ll combine sugar, water, lime, salt, matcha powder, coconut milk, and chia seeds. Chill for at least 4 hours—or, ideally, overnight—then serve to brave guests!

3) Zombie Finger Cookies

This recipe from All Roads Lead to the Kitchen promises finger-licking fun. These cookies get their flavor and color from pistachios and matcha, with extra notes and pigment from strawberry or raspberry jam for the fingernails. Bake these creepy cookies and you’ll have party goers wrapped around your finger.

4) Matcha Cheesecake Slime Monsters

This recipe from Aiya delivers rich, creamy pops of flavor just in time for Halloween. Cream cheese, sour cream, and matcha come together with white chocolate and frosting to make a memorable treat that’s a perfect addition to any Halloween spread.

5) Halloween Matcha Cake

This recipe from Bulk Powders is a health-conscious, protein-boosting way to enjoy cake. The batter contains gluten-free quick cook oats, coconut flower, egg whites, walnuts, and matcha. The icing is made from non-fat Greek yogurt, vanilla whey protein, and chocolate syrup. A cobweb-topped cake never looked so wonderfully nutritious!

6) Halloween Matcha Mud Cups

This recipe from Aiya will bring spooky and cute together for a deliciously auspicious Halloween treat. Quick and easy to make, these mud cups turn to cream cheese, heavy cream, sugar, matcha, Oreo cookies, Milano cookies, gummy worms, and black icing for both flavor and artistry. Whip these up to impress and enjoy!

7) Halloween Raw Chocolate Matcha Cupcakes

 This recipe from Sweet Potato Soul is a winning combination of easy and healthy. There’s no flour, refined sugar, or processed fats, so these cupcakes are the guilt-free way to indulge this Halloween. But sweet tooths will still be satisfied, thanks to agave, coconut nectar, and dates. Coconut cream matcha icing makes for the perfect topping, and googly eyes polish things off. Author Jenne Claiborne says these no-bake cupcakes taste like a matcha Oreo cookie. But don’t take her word for it. Whip these up and see for yourself!

8) Matcha Halloween Zombie Cake Pops Recipe

This recipe from Russtea’s will prove that good things come in small packages. These cake pops have a white chocolate chip vanilla cake base, and matcha white chocolate coating. Decorate with devilish charm, and you’re all set for fun-sized pops of flavor.


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