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5 Matcha and Chocolate Desserts You Need In Your Life

November 23, 2021
Five Must Try Matcha Desserts

We are spilling the (matcha) tea on some delicious treats that you can make at home! If you love drinking green tea, it’s time to add the magic power of matcha to your desserts. Matcha has a bright, slightly bitter taste with notes of sweetness and umami. Matcha is meant to be paired with something sweet so it works beautifully with chocolate. Baking with green tea powder takes dessert to a whole new level, and what goes better with matcha than chocolate? Try any of these green tea chocolate desserts to see what we’re talking about:

1) Chocolate Matcha Butter Cups

Chocolate peanut butter cups will always have a special place in our hearts, but when you’re in the mood for a twist, try this recipe from Keepin’ it Kind. The recipe swaps peanut butter out for a combination of Kiss Me Organics matcha powder, coconut butter, and almond flour. Reports vegan blogger Kristy Turner, “The Kiss Me Organics matcha powder blended beautifully with the coconut butter to form a fudge-like matcha candy filling and the almond flour gave it a subtly nutty flavor. Just out of the fridge, they’re a little firmer than the peanut butter cup you may be accustomed to (though still just as delicious), but if you give it a few minutes to rest, it will be come softer and chewier. The matcha salt sprinkled on top pairs beautifully with the chocolate and is just the perfect finishing touch.” Take her word for it, and get baking stat.

2) Matcha Mint Chip Ice Cream

Because mint ice cream is often green, this is the perfect recipe to get a matcha-phobic friend to finally try your favorite green ingredient–it won’t look foreign, and that’s a start! Try this recipe from pastry chef Alanna Taylor-Tobin’s blog The Bojon Gourmet. Says Taylor-Tobin, “To incorporate the mint, I use a technique I learned during my pastry chef days wherein the mint is blanched, shocked, squeezed, and blended into the base. This delivers maximum color and flavor. Scribbling the chocolate into layers of ice cream results in pleasantly uneven chips that shatter and crunch before melting into chocolatey bliss.” You had us at chocolatey bliss.

3) Matcha Green Tea, Chocolate, and Ricotta Balls

This dessert from Apron and Sneakers is quick and easy to whip up. Bite-sized, they’re perfect to show off your artistic side when plating, and with both ricotta and matcha on the dessert menu, you’re sure to provide interest and variety to guests (or yourself!). Writes the author, “Having a problem with the milky tastes of fresh cheese, I am always cautious about eating ricotta. With these mixtures, I don’t taste anything disagreeably milky, just strong chocolate and green tea flavors.” So to the dairy-cautious, we say go boldly in the direction of this treat!

4) Double Chocolate Matcha Hawaiian Tiramisu

This recipe from Half Baked Harvest remixes the classic Itlalian dessert with chocolate, Kahlua, sweet Hawaiian rolls, and matcha. Fun fact: the author was inspired by her pet goat named Tiramisu to develop this dessert. Bet you haven’t heard that one before.  Whether you have a pet named Tiramisu or not, we think you’ll like this busy dessert.

5) Oreo Matcha Cheesecake

These mini matcha cheesecakes are sure to be a crowd pleaser! And the best part? They require no baking! Thats right. No oven! This sounds like a matcha made pair in heaven. This mini no-bake matcha cheesecake pairs a creamy matcha filling with a crunchy oreo cookie crust and whipped cream topping. They go straight into the freezer for an easy treat that you can make even on a weeknight! You could also make these ahead of time as they store in the freezer for up to two months. You can find this delicious recipe here courtesy of Teak and Thyme.

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