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10 Tea-Infused Cookie Recipes for the Holidays

December 12, 2017

Christmas and Hanukah are fast approaching, which means it’s almost time to get ready to host or attend a bevy of holiday parties.  Whether you’re having a hundred people over or you’re headed to a small gathering, making any of these tea-infused cookie recipes will win you major points.  Ready, set, bake:

1. Tea-Infused Sugar Cookies 

These cookies from Tea Foodie are inspired by a recipe from Steeped: Recipes Infused With Tea. The recipe adds loose leaf tea leaves to the dough and for garnish.  The author has used the following flavor combinations in the dough at different times, so take your pick:

  • Rose puerh / rose water / rose petals
  • Earl Grey / orange water / Earl Grey tea leaves
  • Moroccan Mint / peppermint extract / green tea leaves
  • Rooibos / coconut extract & shredded coconut / rooibos tea leaves
  • Chai spices / vanilla extract / black tea leaves

2. Chocolate-Mint Tea Crinkle Cookies

This recipe from NPR combines mint tea and earl grey tea with chocolate to create a deliciously flavorful cookie.  Rolled in powdered sugar, each cookie also looks like a winter wonderland, perfect for any holiday gathering.

3. Brown Sugar and Black Tea Roll-Out Cookies 

This recipe from health blog Sweet Beet and Green Bean uses brewed black tea in the dough.  The sugar sprinkled on top gets its color from two healthy sources: pomegranate seeds and baby spinach.  Bet you weren’t expecting that!  Adventurous, health-conscious palates will delight in this natural and healthy approach to food coloring.

4. Vanilla and Earl Grey Tea Cookies 

This recipe from Butter & Brioche calls for 2 tablespoons of earl grey tea leaves, or your preferred black tea.  Notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and tea dominate the cookie’s flavor profile.  To make this sweet treat, start by toasting your tea leaves in a small, stainless steel frying pan over medium heat.  They’ll be combined with caster sugar and vanilla bean segments in a food processor, creating a fine powder that’s used to make the dough.

5. Orange and Black Tea Olive Oil Shortbread Cookies 

These cookies from Food For My Family get their flavor from crushed orange zest and black tea leaves, plus an orange glaze that finishes things off in style.  By choosing olive oil over unhealthier cooking oils, this recipe also makes dessert guilt-free.

6. Vegan Tea-Infused Shortbread Cookies 

This recipe from She Knows is perfect if there will be vegans at your holiday soiree.  This recipe gets its flavor from black tea and lemon–a classic, unbeatable combination. Vegans and non-vegans are sure to enjoy this sweet snack.

7. Marketspice Tea Madeleines 

This recipe from Baking the Goods relies on MarketSpice Cinnamon Orange Tea, a black tea blended with cinnamon-orange flavor and spices, for its unique taste. You’ll also need a madeleine baking sheet to make these cookies.  For a beautiful, tasty cookie, both are worth the investment!

8. Chocolate-Dipped Peach Tea Shortbread Cookies 

This recipe from The Monday Box is both picturesque and scrumptious, getting its unique flavor from peach tea leaves.  (The author used 6 Republic of Tea Ginger Peach Black Tea bags.)  Dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with sugar, these cookies will look great on Instagram and headed toward your mouth.

9. Green Tea Mint Cookies 

This recipe from Yummly combines peppermint extract and green tea blended with lemongrass for a recipe that will make anyone green with envy.

10. Afternoon Tea + Jam Macarons 

This recipe from So It’s Sunday is beautiful to behold and delicious to taste, thanks to a black tea-infused Strawberry rhubarb jam ganache. This recipe added pink food coloring to the batter, but you can choose your own holiday-themed colors for a festive adaptation.

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