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How to Handle a Relationship with a Coffee Drinker

March 19, 2016

First it was Romeo and Juliet, then it was Maria and Tony: A tale of star-crossed lovers who end up together, despite all forces working against them. It can happen to all of us, we end up in a loving relationship with our sworn enemy. And for us Tea Lovers? It’s the Coffee Aficionado. I can see the coffee stains seared in my retinas right now… But what do we do when we stumble into a relationship with our bitter nemesis? How do we handle our new relationship with a coffee drinker?

Look on the bright side…

You don’t have to share! You don’t have to share any of your stash, which means more tea for you all day, everyday. They can have their coffee, and we have our tea.

UNITED STATES - CIRCA 1950s: Man drinking coffee. (Photo by George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)


It can be hard not to WANT to share that delicious tea. We want to bond with our significant other and tea is one of those things that brings us closer together. Try learning more about what they love while you teach them about the fine art of tea. Who knows, you both might learn something new and they may be able to develop the same love you have for your tea! Try offering more bitter, darker, stronger teas that might be more up a coffee drinker’s alley.

At the end of the day…

It is about our love of tea and if they can’t appreciate the close-knit bond between a tea drinker and our precious beautiful leaves then they obviously need to kick rocks. I mean how can anyone not love tea? What is wrong with them? These are the obvious questions you need to ask yourself. Because honestly what are you doing with someone who obviously has no soul or palate?

Woman drinking green tea

Now what?

If you are unable to sway them over to the tea side, then you must obviously take a serious look in the mirror and ask yourself where you went wrong in your life. I mean, what are you doing with your life to end up with this person? Being in a dirty relationship with a no-good coffee-fiend is never going to end well. Did you really think this would work? Of course this isn’t going to work… How can anyone not love tea?

Fix it…

If you are still racking your brain trying to figure out which way is up, let me help you out a bit. Salvation can always be found in the same spot: at the bottom of a tea kettle after a hard night of swilling chamomile. Look into the leaves and they will tell you what to do… Find another tea drinker.

Are you in a relationship with a coffee drinker? Let us know how you two overcome your difference in the comments below.