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7 Tea-Inspired Halloween Costumes

December 12, 2017

This Halloween, don’t just drink tea, dress up as tea. From different varieties of the beverage to teaware, the world’s most popular beverage is the perfect thirst-quencher to inspire your costume. Copy these ideas or use them to spark your own creative twist for a delicious way to trick or treat:

1) Boba Tea

Boba/bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink that mixes tea, milk, and tapioca balls (and sometimes fruit). The drink is immediately recognizable thanks to the tapioca balls resting at the bottom of the cup, which will also make it an immediately recognizable costume. For an easy DIY getup like this one, simply adhere black pom poms or felt cut-outs to a white dress, accessorizing with a headband made to look like a straw:

For a more involved DIY project, fashion your own plastic cup enclosure and fill it with balloons to emulate the tapioca balls, like this:


And if you’re looking for a couples costume for you and your significant other or for you and your BFF to wow the crowd at this year’s Halloween soiree, follow this tutorial and go as boba milk and tea:

2) Tea Bag

For an easy DIY costume, go as a tea bag this Halloween.  Use brown leaves, twigs, and dirt to go as a black tea bag, or green leaves, moss, and shrubbery to go as a green tea bag. This guide will help you achieve the look.

3) I’m a Little Teapot

If you’re handy with knitting needles, crochet your little one a cozy teapot blanket and lid hat this year. If you’re more of a ‘click and purchase’ parent, consider this adorable number from Lights Camera Crochet. So cute you’ll want to drink your baby right up!

4) Mrs. Potts and Chip

The ultimate power couple in the tea world, Beauty and the Beast’s Mrs. Potts and Chip are the perfect twosome for a mother-and-child costume pairing this year. Hum “Tale As Old As Time” and drink a cuppa while you follow this DIY guide from Kick the Nest to get the look.

5) The Mad Hatter

This famous literary character hails from Alice in Wonderland and is known for his love of tea parties. Follow this tutorial from Woman’s Day or this one from self-proclaimed “geek lifestyle blog” cuttek.com:

6) Long Island Iced Tea

For a funny (and punny) tea-inspired costume, go as a Long Island Iced Tea. Wear your most stereotypically Long Island attire—ladies that means long nails and big hair, and gents that means over-gelled hair and tank tops—and then decorate your outfit with tea bags. Take your cue from this photo:

7) Arizona Green Tea


Arizona Green Tea has a very distinct logo, featuring a pretty cherry blossom tree (right). A very recognizable brand, if you dress as a can of this tea, people will know what you are right away. Consider these outfit optionst:

Wear these leggings from Poprageous and you’re ready to party:


Slip on this gorgeous dress, and you’re set:


Or rock this oversized cherry blossom t-shirt from Arizona to bob for apples:

And check out Arizona’s other apparel options if you want more pieces of flair:


Happy Halloween!

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