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Best Postpartum Teas For New Moms

June 29, 2022

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life — but no one prepares you for the mental and physical strain that can come with it. Teas and natural supplements are an excellent way to support your healing and wellness journey as you navigate through the first postpartum months and can help you to create healthy habits that extend well beyond the newborn years. Below, we’re covering our top tea suggestions for new moms. We’ll also be discussing the different ways you can benefit from them, helping you thrive during this transition period. 

What are the best teas for new moms? 

If you’re a new mom, you are likely looking for naturally healthy ways to support your body through the postpartum transition phase. You’re likely looking for teas that are safe to enjoy while breastfeeding and that can boost your overall energy and wellness during the long days (and even longer nights!) You may even want to treat yourself to an early Mother’s Day tea gift to kick off the self-care and healing process. We’re here to support you on your journey. Below, we’ve listed the best teas that new moms can enjoy to support their mental and physical health. 

1. Chamomile tea 

Chamomile tea can be incredibly soothing to enjoy throughout the postpartum process and can support regular, healthy, and rejuvenating sleep and anxiety reduction and mental health support. You can easily find chamomile at the store, and it is often affordably priced. Chamomile can be enjoyed either hot or iced and tastes delicious with a squeeze of lemon or honey. It is also considered safe for use in those who choose to breastfeed, with no known adverse effects for the mom or the infant through milk transmission. 

2. Peppermint Tea 

If you’re dealing with hormonal swings, you may be dealing with excessive nausea and gastrointestinal dysregulation. Peppermint tea can help you to keep nausea at bay, offering you a soothing drink to enjoy for postpartum support. Peppermint can also assist you in feeling more alert and awake, which is always helpful to combat those sleepless nights in the first few months. It also offers a variety of other health benefits to enjoy in every cup, including headache relief and respiratory support for postpartum rhinitis. Its soothing, minty flavor also makes for a delicious drink to enjoy at any time of day or night. 

3. Dandelion tea 

Dandelion tea is often overlooked during pregnancy — but new moms can enjoy great postpartum benefits with a few cups a day. Dandelion tea is considered safe for breastfeeding moms to enjoy and can even work to actively boost breastmilk production. You can also enjoy the additional boost of vitamins that you can get with every cup, as the tea is rich in restorative and supportive Vitamin C and Vitamin A. These vitamins can also help the skin to repair tears and stretches, which can aid in your healing process from either type of birth process. 

4. Rooibos tea 

Rooibos tea is an excellent herbal alternative for moms looking for a caffeine-free way to start their day. Black and green teas, while delicious, have higher amounts of caffeine, which can disrupt the baby’s sleep schedule through breastmilk. This allows moms to enjoy a healthier alternative that will not remain present through the milk. Rooibos works actively to lower your stress levels and rejuvenate your body, allowing you to experience more clarity and energy throughout your day without the buzz of caffeine. 

5. Nettle Leaf tea 

Nettle tea works actively in balancing your histamine load, making it an effective tea against postpartum allergy attacks and inflammation in the body. This can potentially aid in the recovery process from childbirth. It is also incredibly effective at boosting your natural breastmilk supply, which is an excellent benefit for those who struggle with underproduction. The flavor of nettle leaf is far different from what you might think, as nettle offers a very “green,” grassy taste that is mild and lightly flavorful. It can be made even gentler with a dash of your favorite sweetener and a sprig of mint. 

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