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Tea Gifts

Tea Favors For Baby Showers

July 25, 2017

If your best friend is talking about having babies anytime soon, get ready, because you’ll be planning a baby shower in the near future. And that includes choosing a cute party favor for guests to take home. We’re biased, but tea-based favors are the way to go!  Here are a few adorable options that will make any baby shower an affair to remember:

1) A Baby is Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

A Baby is Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

These tea tins from Idea Chic are an adorable favor to gift your shower guests. Available in blue or pink, these tins come filled with decaffeinated Fruit Mint tea. Yum!

2) Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Sugar Bowls

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Sugar Bowls

These sugar bowls from Beaucoup are a cute party favor if the mom-to-be has a baby girl in the oven. Your guests will enjoy sweetening their coffee and tea at home with these bowls, remembering that little girls can be sweet as pie—a great reminder when they’re not being so sweet!

3) It’s About Time Teapot Timer

It's About Time Teapot Timer

These teapot-shaped timers from Beaucoup are great favor for a mom who’s about to pop, and a useful toy to have on hand for baby shower games. The timers can count down from 1 to 60 minutes, and are a useful gadget for guests to take home, like when the kids won’t share and you have to set a timer!

4) A Cup of Tea with the Mom-to-Be Tea Jars

A Cup of Tea with the Mom-to-Be Tea Jars

These tea jars from The Tea Wagon are a great gift when Mom and Dad are keeping it old school and letting their baby’s gender be a surprise. Each tin holds about 3-5 servings of loose leaf tea, and come in a variety of flavors, including: Lavender Earl Grey, Peppermint Green, Strawberry Rhubarb, Caramel Apple, and Blueberry Burst.

5) Flavored Sugar Cubes

Flavored Sugar Cubes

Treat your baby shower guests to tea with a pop of color and extra flavor with these flavored sugar cubes from Beaucoup. Make them available during the party or as a flavorful gift to enjoy at home. Varieties include: lavender purple, lemon yellow, mint green, raspberry blue, and rose pink.

6) Bath Tea Soaps

Bath Tea Soaps

Treat your baby shower guests to a relaxing, tea-infused bath with these tea soaps from The Soaking Tub. Basically tea bags for bath time, these tea-infused soaps come in a muslin bag that you simply place under the running faucet in your bathtub. The tea leaves will stay in the bag, but the leaf’s benefits will push through the bag to infuse your bath with lovely scents, colors, and relaxing properties. Chamomile, lavender, spearmint, rosemary, juniper and rose petals will make bath time something to look forward to, and the bags are reusable!

7) Personalized Mason Jars

Personalized Mason Jars

These mason jars from Beaucoup offer guests an on-trend glass to take home and use for drinks, storage, or as a memento. An array of designs are available, including baby feet, elephants, a teddy bear, and a stork.  Cute!

8) Personalized Tea Bags

Personalized Tea Bags

These tea bags from I Heart Details are a classy, simple favor to gift your shower attendees. These tea bags are available in black or green tea, and include a personalized name and date to commemorate your special event.


Tea Gifts

Tea Gifts That Will Dazzle Any Bride or Groom

July 6, 2017

The weather’s getting warmer, and with it, brides and grooms are preparing to say “I do.” If you’ve RSVP’d “yes” to one or more weddings this season but haven’t yet found the perfect gift, look no further. We’ve rounded up a lucky seven tea-related gifts that will put the happy in Happily Ever After.

1) These Mr. and Mrs. Mugs

mud pie mr. and mrs. mugs

These mugs from Mud Pie inject a healthy dose of humor into every cuppa. The set retails for $21.95 on Amazon. For extra credit, fill the mugs with items that you know will resonate with the bride and groom.

2) This Cast Iron Teapot

Stash Tea purple teapot

This beautiful purple teapot from Stash Tea is made in Japan by master craftsmen that follow a 60-step, multiple-month production process. The teapot holds 18 ounces and include a mesh infuser for easy loose leaf brewing. Durable and picturesque, this teapot will brew everlasting love for $99.

3) Tea Forte Aficionado Gift Set

Tea Forte tea set

If the duo swapping vows is really into tea, gift them this gift set marketed to tea aficionados from Tea Forte. For $325, the newlyweds will enjoy all of the following:

4) This Iced Tea Pitcher Press

This 60-ounce pitcher from Davids Tea is so innovative that you can steep, chill, and serve iced tea all in one apparatus. Watch the video above to see just how easy it is. You may want to buy two—one for the duo entering matrimony and one for yourself. At $40, it’s a smart investment for any iced tea lover.

5) This Electric Tea Kettle

blue aztec tea kettle

Give the newlyweds “something blue” with this ceramic electric tea kettle.  It’s designed to be a space saver with a concealed heating element and clutter-free cord storage.  It holds 1.2 liters of liquid and retails for just over $44.

6) This Cold Brew Bottle

The Tea Spot cold brew bottle

Give the newlyweds the gift of being on-trend with this cold brew bottle from The Tea Spot. This gift comes with not only the cold brew bottle, but also a 12 gram-tin of organic matcha green tea and a 21-gram tin of high energy organic matcha mate.

7) This Cookbook

Tonia George tea cookbook

This cookbook from Tonia George will give the new spouses a plethora of exciting recipes to try that are both savory and sweet throughout their marriage.  Savory dishes include Mussels in Ginger and Lemon Tea Broth and the Mint Tea Couscous with Roast Squash, Halloumi, Dates, and Pistachios.  Sweet dishes include Earl Grey Truffles and White Tea and Apricot Jam.  Wedded bliss just got a whole lot tastier!

Tea Gifts

Tea Favors For Your Wedding Guests

June 27, 2017

Getting married? Somewhere on your to-do list is “procure cute favors that will make all our guests smile.” And we’re here to tell you that tea is the way to go. We’ve rounded up a bevy of tea-related favors that will knock your guests’ socks off.

1) Personalized Wedding Tea Bags

Personalized Wedding Tea Bags

Give your guests the gift of tea with these personalized tea bags from My Wedding Favors. Choose from a variety of designs and add your wedding date or names to thank your attendees for making your wedding day so special.

2) Test Tube Loose Leaf Tea and Heart Infuser

Test Tube Loose Leaf Tea and Heart Infuser

Present your guests with these cleverly-packaged samples of loose leaf tea and heart-shaped infusers from Season of Favors. Each pair comes with a nametag that can double as a place card. Two birds, one favor!

3) Personalized Tea Soaps

Personalized Tea Soaps

Spice things up with personalized tea soaps from Home Brewed Soaps. Each batch of soaps is made especially for you with custom labels. They’re produced in Maine from a combination of fresh brewed organic teas and other natural ingredients such as oils and butters. Scents include: Jasmine & Bergamot (Jasmine Tea, Orange, Bergamot), Spiced Rooibos (Rooibos tea, Cinnamon, Clove, Orange), Tea Tree & Rosemary (Green Tea, Rosemary, Tea Tree), and Lavender & Lemon (Earl Grey, Lavender, Lemon). Fragrant and hygienic?  Sign us up.

4) Personalized Loose Leaf Tea Tins

Personalized Loose Leaf Tea Tins

Treat your guests to these small tins of loose leaf from The Tea Wagon. Each stainless steel tin has a screw-top and holds 3-5 servings of tea, the perfect size for guests to put in their pockets or purses at the end of your Big Day. Flavors include: Belgian Chocolate Rooibos, Canadian Breakfast, Caramel Apple Rooibos, Chamomile Mint, Cherry Berry Banana, Chocolate Mint, Earl Grey, Marzipan Rooibos, and Pomegranate Cardamom. Yum!

5) Love is Brewing Bags

Love is Brewing Bags

A good marriage involves a lot of puns. Get things off to an auspicious start by presenting your guests with these “Love is Brewing” drawstring bags. Each muslin bag is 4 x 6 inches and perfect for filling with tea bags, loose leaf, or any other trinket you fancy.


6) Teacup Shaped Cheeseboard and Spreader

Teacup Shaped Cheeseboard and Spreader

These bamboo teacup-shaped cheeseboards are a unique favor idea for your wedding guests. Each comes with a spreader and can be personalized with gift tags. Your loved ones will enjoy snacking on cheese while sipping tea long after you’ve said “I do” with these adorable gifts.

7) Miniature Tea Pot Key Chain / Tape Measurer

Miniature Tea Pot Key Chain / Tape Measurer

Your wedding guests will appreciate this cute, versatile party favor. Each teapot is also a key chain and tape measurer, and you can personalize the message on each one however you like. The tape measurer inside stretches 39 inches and the whole trinket measures a compact 2.25″ x 3.2 inches.

8) Hangover Helper Herbal Tea Mix

Hangover Helper Herbal Tea Mix

If you expect your Big Day to get a little rowdy, give your guests an organic way to recover with this Hangover Helper mix from Rootz &Flowers. Each handmade batch of tea contains peppermint leaves, fennel seed, ginger root, and lemon balm. The seller promises that each cup of this loose leaf herbal tea will make your stomach feel better, relax tense muscles, and stop headaches.  Sounds like the perfect way to recover from an epic wedding reception.

Tea Gifts

Mother’s Day Tea Gifts

May 5, 2017

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14. If your mom is an avid tea sipper, we’ve got some great gift ideas for you right here:

1) This Spoon

This Spoon

Think you have the best mom ever? Remind her every time she adds a spoonful of sugar to her tea with this vintage, stamped spoon from Eve of Joy. Choose from a teaspoon for $16, a tablespoon for $20, or a long handle teaspoon for $18. Want a different message for Mom stamped on your spoon? This shop does custom orders as well.

2) This Funny Mug

i make my own people mug

Is there anything more impressive than growing a human being? Your mom literally made you, so the very least she deserves is a mug that states this oh-so-impressive feat. (And even if your mom isn’t your biological parent, she still made you the person you are today, so she deserves a mug, too!) With every sip of tea from this mug, your mother will know that you revere her strength and general awesomeness.

3) Any of This Gorgeous Tea ware

 Gorgeous Tea ware

These handmade teapots, teacups, and mugs from ocpottery might not be as beautiful as your mother, but they’re still pretty stunning. A little on the expensive side, they’re worth it for the craftsmanship and beauty. Made by Kazem Arshi in Anaheim Hills, California, this pottery is uniquely perfect for the tea drinking mama in your life.

4) This Mug for a New Mom

new mom mug

If this is the first Mother’s Day for a woman in your life, gift her this cheeky mug to mark the occasion. With parenthood, they say the days are long but the years are short. It won’t be long before she’s sipping tea from this mug, reflecting on her first Mother’s Day back in 2017. (For more experienced mothers, you can also customize the year on this product.)

5) Jewelry from Tiny Teapot Jewelry

Tiny Teapot Jewelry

Tiny Teapot Jewelry sells lots of jewelry that has one thing in common: teapots. From charm bracelets to necklaces and pendants to earrings, this company offers a wide array of items, and something is bound to fit your tea-loving mother’s style.

6) These Teabag Holders

Teabag Holders

What better place for Mom to rest her used teabag than an adorable, teapot-shaped dish? These handmade teabag holders come in a variety of colors, and are wheel thrown from stoneware clay out of Colorado. They can go in the microwave and the dishwasher, so they’re a winning combo of practical and cute–just like Mom.

7) Wine Style Cold Brew Tea Bottle

Arbor Teas Cold Brew Tea Bottle


This unique cold brewer from Arbor Teas replaces your pitcher of tea with a wine bottle-inspired container. To use, Arbor instructs:

Simply place your loose leaf tea in the glass bottle, fill the bottle with room temperature water, mount the bottle spout and cork with the filter set inside, and place in your refrigerator for 4-8 hours. Easy as that! When it has infused to your desired strength, uncork and pour. The tall body allows your tea leaves to swirl freely for maximum flavor as it steeps.”

Made in Japan, each bottle holds 25 ounces of tea, and is sure to put a smile on your tea (and wine)-loving mother’s face.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Tea Gifts

Valentine’s Day Tea Gifts

February 7, 2017

Looking to create the perfect day for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered. From romantic teas perfect for sipping together to tea-based massage oils, we’ve sourced an array of gifts and goods that will make this Valentine’s Day tea-ming with romance.

1) A Heart Full of Tea

If your valentine isn’t into the clichéd bouquet of roses, opt for a bouquet of teas. This Teas From The Heart collection from Tea Forte delivers twelve tea infusers in a heart-shaped container. Flavors include: Cherry Amour, Strawberry Apply, Vanilla Peach, Jasmine Chamomile, and Passion Fruit Papaya.  A sweet gift for your sweetheart.

2) A Tea Full of Hearts

If you’re looking for a tea that literally shows your love, try this “love affair tea” from Capital Teas, which blends sugar hearts with rose petals, strawberry, raspberry, and chocolate.  The mixture creates a sweet flavor profile and cute visual perfect for sipping and staring into each other’s eyes.

3) A Mug For Your Lovebug

If you and your main squeeze go together like biscuits and tea, this handmade ceramic mug makes a great gift. Hailing from a British artist, biscuits mean cookies in this case. Bake a batch of your lover’s favorite variety to go with the mug, and you’ve got a Valentine’s gift that’s both tasty and easy.

4) Tea-Based Massage Oil

Once you’re alone in the bedroom, break out this green tea massage oil and treat your better half to a Valentine’s Day massage. Made from green tea, olive oil, and avocado, this Shea Moisture massage oil—which can double as a relaxing bath infuser—is not only a great tool to spice up a massage, but also hydrates dry skin and can help prevent signs of early aging.

5) Tea-Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If you’re comfortable in the kitchen, try whipping up these delicious tea-infused chocolate covered strawberries. Dip strawberries in a delectable mixture made from your love’s favorite tea, oil, and almond bark, then garnish with candies as desired. Your significant other will appreciate the elbow grease and your departure from the overdone chocolate-dipped strawberries.

6) Beard Oil for Your Bearded Bae

If your honey is rocking a beard this Valentine’s Day, gift him this Tea Infused Beard Oil from Bearded Oregon. Handmade in Portland, Oregon, this beard oil is a pleasant-smelling mixture made from tealeaves, rose, vanilla, cinnamon, almond oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. Beard oil is a great way for your man to moisturize his facial hair and the skin underneath, achieve a polished, flake-free look, and smell great.  This tea-based beard oil will make your hunk feel great, and you’ll relish every whiff of his lovably scruffy face.

7) Tea-Infused Candles 

Looking to set the mood? Achieve some very special lighting by making these tea-infused rose peony candles. The tea provides more of a visual accent in this DIY project than smell, so pick the tea whose leaves most achieve the mis en scene you’re going for.  Your loved one will definitely appreciate the effort you went to, with the added bonus that you’ll both look great by candlelight.

8) Tea-Infused Chocolate Bars

Plain chocolate bars just don’t cut it anymore. Go the extra mile and track down a tea-infused chocolate bar for the sweetheart with a sweet tooth in your life. Try one of many varieties from The Tea Room which infuse chocolate bars with teas such green earl grey, lapsang souchong, black masala chai, mint, chamomile, jasmine, and raspberry rooibos.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tea Gifts

Tea Gifts For Your Holiday Hostess Under $10!

December 22, 2016

It’s the holiday season, and that means it’s time to party! It’s poor form to show up empty-handed, so we’ve selected an array of tea gifts that any host or hostess will appreciate this winter. If you’re a social butterfly, chances are you’ll be attending multiple parties, and hostess gifts can add up. Never fear: we’re here with six great gifts $10 and under so that you can attend all the festivities your heart desires without your bank account putting up a fight.  Ready, set, gifts:

1) Red Pointsettia Macaron Tea Tin ($5.37)

This cute tin from Teavana holds 2 ounces of tea and adds a splash of pink and white to the classic red poinsettia plant. Inspired by the classiest of cookies–the macaroon–this tin will add color and cuteness to your host’s tea station. Plus, it’s only $5.37!  But that can be our secret.  (Also comes in solid red, blue, magenta, and lime green.)

2) Tea Lids ($7.95) 

You’re running out the door, none of your travel mugs are clean, but you desperately need your cup of tea while you drive to work. Problem solved: these tea lids from Republic of Tea are here to keep you from spilling hot tea all over yourself in the car. Vibrant red and only $7.95 for a set of two, these tea toppers are a simple, practical, and affordable gift for the tea-drinking hostess in your life.

3) Morphing Mugs ($9.95)

These unique mugs from Stash Tea are a little magical: when you pour hot water inside, the black flowers and cherry blossom tree “bloom” with color. Thermographic ink’s to credit for this colorful surprise, but it also means these mugs aren’t safe in the dishwasher or microwave.  So give one to your host with a side note of caution. At only $9.95, magic’s never been more affordable!  (If you’re willing to shell out another two bucks: for $12, buy this Banned Books Morphing Mug, which unblackens the titles of banned books throughout history, from The Great Gatsby to I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. Censorship has never been cuter.)

4) Wooden Mandala Coasters ($9.00) 

These laser-cut alder wood mandala coasters from Night Owl Engraving are a beautiful gift for any party thrower this holiday season. In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the mandala is an image that represents the universe. Your hostess will be able to fit the whole universe in her hand and protect her tabletops with this stunning, inexpensive gift. A double win!

5) Harney & Sons Tea Sampler ($9.95)

This little black box contains 20 tea bags full of Harney & Sons’ best sellers, including Organic Green Tea with Citrus & Ginko, Pomegranate Oolong, and Japanese Sencha. For only $9.95, you can give your host a little box overflowing with flavor.  If they’ve read Miss Manners, your hosts will know to put the box out at the affair, so you’ll get to sample your own gift, too.

6) Cup of Tea Tree Ornament ($8.95) 

If you’re attending a Christmas party, bring along this cute teacup ornament to add a little tea to your host’s tree. This is the perfect gift if you want to stay on your host’s mind through the years, as he’ll remember you every time he takes out the ornaments to trim the tree come December. Just $8.95, this ornament is affordable and adorable, our favorite combination!

Happy Holidays!

Tea Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

December 6, 2016

The holidays are coming up, and with it lots of gift shopping. Whether you’re buying for a tea-loving co-worker, teacher, paramour, or friend, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled 10 gift ideas sure to put a smile on any tea aficianado.

1) Matcha Starter Kit

If you were inspired by our post about how to host a Japanese tea ceremony, scoop up this Matcha Starter Kit from Teavana. It includes a 40 gram-canister of Organic Imperial Matcha, an 80-bamboo bristled matcha whisk, and a matcha bowl inspired by traditional Japanese pottery.

2) Tea of the Month Club

Give the gift of tea every month with this Tea of the Month Club from Teabox. Your recipient can take a quiz that gives Teabox data to select the best teas for him or her. Depending on how much tea she dinks, Teabox will send the tea lover in your life enough tea to make 12, 30, or 120 cups of tea per month. Every time your recipient brews a cup, he’ll have you to thank. It’s the gift that keeps on brewing.

3) Oceanstar Bamboo Tea Box

This Bamboo tea box provides a sleek organizational system for any tea lover’s assortment of bags. An acrylic glass lid covers the box without obscuring a view of the eight storage pockets. This box dresses up any basic black tea bag, and matches the sophistication of the most intricate blends.

4) Shark Tea Infuser

This cute tea infuser from HeroNeo brings a little danger to your cup of tea. Well, not really. This shark’s made of silicon rubber and it’s too cute to bring anything but charm to your afternoon cup of tea. This sea creature can survive in water from -22 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Pretty tough for something so adorable!

5) Old Havana Teapot

This teapot from Anthropologie delivers a feminine, turquoise presence to your kitchen, and can double as a gorgeous vase when not in use boiling water. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe. Practical and stunning? Your Secret Santa will be praising your gift giving skills through the New Year.

6) Tea Cocktails: A Mixologist’s Guide to Legendary Tea-Infused Cocktails

For the tea and sprit-loving gentleman or lady in your life, this cookbook delivers innovative tea-based cocktail recipes. Your giftee will learn how to make concoctions such as: the Rooibos Berry Daiquiri, the Chai White Russian, the Riesling Jasmine Hot Toddy, and the Dark and Stormy Ginger Tea. Tea just got a little more grown-up, and this gift is perfect for those 21 and over.

7) Heart Shaped Mugs

Pick up these heart shaped mugs and personalize them with you and your significant other’s names. If your loved one is in a committed relationship with tea, this mug shows him that you are also his perfect match. 

8) The True History of Tea

As one of the most consumed beverages in the world, tea has a long, rich history as an important trading commodity that linked empires in manners both enriching and violent. The True History of Tea explores that complex history. Author Erling Hoh of Archaeology and Natural History teams with University of Pennsylvania and The Tarim Mummies Professor Victor H. Mair for a book that explores tea in the ancient worlds of China and Japan to the modern European empires. For the tea-drinking history buff in your life, a book on the history of one of the world’s most important commodities is a slam dunk.

9) Personalized Tea Blend

Blends For Friends crafts a custom-blend of tea that perfectly encapsulates your gift recipient’s personality. You’ll get 125 grams of tea in a decorative tin with a “personalized and quirky blend recipe descriptor subtly referencing the personality traits of the recipient.” It also comes with a gift box so you won’t have to worry about gift wrapping. If you want to give a thoughtful, personal gift, you can’t get much better than this.

10) Sugar Doilies

If your giftee is on the fancier side, a cube of sugar just won’t do. So give him or her these sugar sculptures that add beauty to a cup of tea and dissolve in about 2 minutes.

Happy Holidays!

Tea Gifts

7 Fabulous Gifts Under $20 for the Tea Lover in Your Life

December 1, 2015

Shopping for holiday gifts can be stressful, especially if you’re on a budget. But not to fear, by remaining thoughtful and mindful of the recipient, you’ll be sure to find a gift they enjoy!

Fun and festive tea Infusers

These are a nice and easy gift. Tea infusers are a budget conscious solution for gifting the tea lover in your life. They’re cute and fun, and come in so many varieties you’re bound to find one perfect for!

A Cute Mug

You can never really go wrong with a cute mug. Or one that’s got a clever saying.

Wine Infused Tea

You heard right, WINE INFUSED TEA! Vintage Tea Works gives you a unique and delicious blend of two boldly rich beverages that will surely please any wine and/or tea lover’s palette.

A “Tea” Table Book

This book by Hattie Ellis talks about the different varieties of tea—from Darjeelings to Assams. Ellis includes best practices for brewing and walks you through different tastes, and even includes recipes! Tea is sure to be a hit with your tea lover this season.

Literary Candles

This one is perfect for the tea lover that’s also a book lover. Gift them ultimate relaxation: a book inspired candle they can curl up with. Cup of tea not included!

Tea Bag Squeezer

A practical but under utilized gift, the tea bag squeezer saves those fingers from ever being scaled by a hot tea bag again.

A Cool Teapot

This cast-iron pot is thoughtful gift and can add a little rustic feel to your next tea party.