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10 Tea Treats for Trick-or-Treaters

December 12, 2017

When little ones ring your doorbell and say Trick or Treat” this year, give them something unique to bring home: tea. From Halloween-themed tea bags and teacups to tea-infused candies and cookies, tea will elevate any costumed cutie’s palate and get them hooked on something healthy. Edible, decorative, and fun, these gifts will make little vampires and superheroes howl with delight:

1) These Spooky Handmade Tea Bags 

These tea bags made by Pearly Pants Crafts are the perfect favor to hand out to trick-or-treaters. Get kids started on a healthy tea-drinking habit early by giving these out!

2) These Mini Pumpkin Sugar Cubes

These adorable pumpkin-shaped sugar cubes from Sugars By Sharon make a great companion piece to a Halloween tea bag. These pumpkin sugars are made from verified non-GMO pure cane sugar, water, and food coloring, so they’re perfect if you’re the picky parent or you’re catering to one.

3) These Tea Bag Covers

These print-at-home tea bag covers from Chocolate Rabbit will dress up any tea bag in your closet, transforming it into a unique, healthy Halloween treat. Simply print, cut, and fold around your tea bags for a fun, easy activity that your kids can help with before Trick or Treating.

4) This Skull Tea Infuser

This skull infuser from Fred & Friends will make any at-home brewing experience feel like Halloween. Put a few of these infusers in your treat bowl to give kids a plethora of spooky teatimes.

5) This Skull Mug

 Stock up on these skull mugs from Party City to give trick-or-treaters a spooky mug from which to drink tea all winter long.

6) These High Tea Paper Tea Cups

These elegant paper teacups from WillOtheWispWedding will make a great addition to your treat bowl. These pretty items are handmade from card stock, glue, and gold metallic ribbon.

7) These Mini Teapot Necklace Charms

Hand out these charms from Wholesale Corner for necklace-making to trick-or-treaters. These vibrantly colored teapot charms are eye-catching and cute, perfect for the princesses and fairies knocking on your door this Halloween.

8) Matcha Pocky Sticks

This well-known treat in Japan has made its way stateside, so pick up a few boxes to give away this Halloween. This snack coats a cookie biscuit stick with a green tea cream for a treat that’s light, flavorful, and crunchy. Introduce kids to the wonderful flavors of green tea in a candy-like form with these Pocky sticks, available at Target.

9) Green Tea Hard Candies

Give trick-or-treaters what they want—candy—with a dose of tea by handing out these green tea hard candies from Bali’s. Individually wrapped candies contain tea extract and natural green tea flavor. Buy in bulk, or go for a variety pack that includes three flavors: Green Tea Latte, Citrus Green Tea, and Classic Iced Tea.


10) Cream of Earl Grey Tea-Infused Shortbread Packets

These cookies from DAVIDs TEA will be a unique addition to any trick-or-treater’s candy bag. Each package contains two shortbread cookies that have been infused with Cream of Earl Grey tea, combining black tea and vanilla for a delicious take on the cookie.



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