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Innovative or Just Plain Weird? Tea Products That Run the Gamut

July 18, 2017

Necessity is the mother of invention. But did we ever really need these tea products? You be the judge! Measure these 3 tea products on your innovation ruler:

1) Aerosol Tea

Aerosol Tea

No More Tea BagsThis liquid tea spray from UK company No More Tea Bags is trying to decrease a major world problem: waste. Tea bags and wrappers certainly aren’t helping our global trash problem… In the United Kingdom, 370,000 tons of teabags are thrown away each year. To cut down on rubbish, No More Tea Bags developed this aerosol tea spray that you simply squirt into hot water, then drink. (Check out this video from Reuters to see how it’s done.)

No More Tea Bags claims the product boasts two user-friendly advantages: 1) You don’t have to worry about under or over-brewing tea—it comes perfectly brewed, which also means no waiting, and, 2) You can control the strength of your tea by spraying more or less into your cuppa.

Committed to environmental responsibility, No More Tea Bags composts all the tea leaves it uses in production for use on its organic farm. The company also says that while aerosol has a bad rap, it uses on-trend nitrogen in its can and produces no CFCs (aka ozone hole culprits). The tea’s storage also means that it cannot be contaminated in any way—no pesky oxidation that corrupts the tea’s intended flavor or lifespan.

Each can makes about 20 cups of tea and comes in three flavors: English Breakfast, Jasmine, and Earl Grey.

But how does it taste?

According to the Huffington Post, not bad:

“Initial reviews of No More Tea Bags in The Huffington Post UK office ranged from apathy (coffee drinkers) to complete unwillingness to acknowledge it’s existence. The general consensus is that it tastes better than it looks (horrendous) and smells when you first squirt into the cup, and the Earl Grey variety proved the most popular.”

Bottom Line: if you’re the kind of impatient person who squirts whipped cream directly into your mouth, this is the tea of your dreams.

 2) Tea Wine

Drinking adult beverage often means introducing your body to all sorts of artificial flavors and ingredients. Wanting to give the drinking experience a healthy makeover, Washington, DC entrepreneur James Henry decided to produce wine with just three ingredients: organic green tea, organic honey, and white wine. The result is TEAVINE, which has been on the market since March 2013. The beverage is slightly carbonated and has a 6.5% alcohol content. You can find it at stores in DC, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Montana, Missouri, Illinois, and Ontario, Canada.

Billed as “Divine Libation for Any Occasion,” does the product live up to its tagline?

According to reviewers on Untappd, it’s alright: it has a 3.35/5 rating based on 10 reviews.

Bottom Line: If you’re a health nut, this wine tea is worth a try!

3) Fresh Leaf Tea

Tea is rich is antioxidants, but its antioxidant levels decrease during processing. Wanting to capitalize on the most disease-fighting antioxidants ever present when tea is first picked, Millennia Tea was born. The producers start with raw, natural tea leaves. Within hours of being picked, they’re washed and flash frozen, and then packaged as loose leaf tea. Add boiling water and you’re done. After operating a booth at the World Tea Expo, Millennia Tea is launching with limited sales this summer, so be on the lookout or email to suggest a shop that you think should carry the product.

How has this new product been received so far?

According to consumer testimonials, Millennia Tea is a “standout product,” “very earthy and spring-like,” refreshing,” and “shockingly delicious.”

The Bottom Line: Go fresh and see if it’s best.