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Valentine’s Day Tea Gifts

February 7, 2017

Looking to create the perfect day for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered. From romantic teas perfect for sipping together to tea-based massage oils, we’ve sourced an array of gifts and goods that will make this Valentine’s Day tea-ming with romance.

1) A Heart Full of Tea

If your valentine isn’t into the clichéd bouquet of roses, opt for a bouquet of teas. This Teas From The Heart collection from Tea Forte delivers twelve tea infusers in a heart-shaped container. Flavors include: Cherry Amour, Strawberry Apply, Vanilla Peach, Jasmine Chamomile, and Passion Fruit Papaya.  A sweet gift for your sweetheart.

2) A Tea Full of Hearts

If you’re looking for a tea that literally shows your love, try this “love affair tea” from Capital Teas, which blends sugar hearts with rose petals, strawberry, raspberry, and chocolate.  The mixture creates a sweet flavor profile and cute visual perfect for sipping and staring into each other’s eyes.

3) A Mug For Your Lovebug

If you and your main squeeze go together like biscuits and tea, this handmade ceramic mug makes a great gift. Hailing from a British artist, biscuits mean cookies in this case. Bake a batch of your lover’s favorite variety to go with the mug, and you’ve got a Valentine’s gift that’s both tasty and easy.

4) Tea-Based Massage Oil

Once you’re alone in the bedroom, break out this green tea massage oil and treat your better half to a Valentine’s Day massage. Made from green tea, olive oil, and avocado, this Shea Moisture massage oil—which can double as a relaxing bath infuser—is not only a great tool to spice up a massage, but also hydrates dry skin and can help prevent signs of early aging.

5) Tea-Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If you’re comfortable in the kitchen, try whipping up these delicious tea-infused chocolate covered strawberries. Dip strawberries in a delectable mixture made from your love’s favorite tea, oil, and almond bark, then garnish with candies as desired. Your significant other will appreciate the elbow grease and your departure from the overdone chocolate-dipped strawberries.

6) Beard Oil for Your Bearded Bae

If your honey is rocking a beard this Valentine’s Day, gift him this Tea Infused Beard Oil from Bearded Oregon. Handmade in Portland, Oregon, this beard oil is a pleasant-smelling mixture made from tealeaves, rose, vanilla, cinnamon, almond oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. Beard oil is a great way for your man to moisturize his facial hair and the skin underneath, achieve a polished, flake-free look, and smell great.  This tea-based beard oil will make your hunk feel great, and you’ll relish every whiff of his lovably scruffy face.

7) Tea-Infused Candles 

Looking to set the mood? Achieve some very special lighting by making these tea-infused rose peony candles. The tea provides more of a visual accent in this DIY project than smell, so pick the tea whose leaves most achieve the mis en scene you’re going for.  Your loved one will definitely appreciate the effort you went to, with the added bonus that you’ll both look great by candlelight.

8) Tea-Infused Chocolate Bars

Plain chocolate bars just don’t cut it anymore. Go the extra mile and track down a tea-infused chocolate bar for the sweetheart with a sweet tooth in your life. Try one of many varieties from The Tea Room which infuse chocolate bars with teas such green earl grey, lapsang souchong, black masala chai, mint, chamomile, jasmine, and raspberry rooibos.

Happy Valentine’s Day!