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Tea Favors For Baby Showers

July 25, 2017

If your best friend is talking about having babies anytime soon, get ready, because you’ll be planning a baby shower in the near future. And that includes choosing a cute party favor for guests to take home. We’re biased, but tea-based favors are the way to go!  Here are a few adorable options that will make any baby shower an affair to remember:

1) A Baby is Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

A Baby is Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

These tea tins from Idea Chic are an adorable favor to gift your shower guests. Available in blue or pink, these tins come filled with decaffeinated Fruit Mint tea. Yum!

2) Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Sugar Bowls

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice Sugar Bowls

These sugar bowls from Beaucoup are a cute party favor if the mom-to-be has a baby girl in the oven. Your guests will enjoy sweetening their coffee and tea at home with these bowls, remembering that little girls can be sweet as pie—a great reminder when they’re not being so sweet!

3) It’s About Time Teapot Timer

It's About Time Teapot Timer

These teapot-shaped timers from Beaucoup are great favor for a mom who’s about to pop, and a useful toy to have on hand for baby shower games. The timers can count down from 1 to 60 minutes, and are a useful gadget for guests to take home, like when the kids won’t share and you have to set a timer!

4) A Cup of Tea with the Mom-to-Be Tea Jars

A Cup of Tea with the Mom-to-Be Tea Jars

These tea jars from The Tea Wagon are a great gift when Mom and Dad are keeping it old school and letting their baby’s gender be a surprise. Each tin holds about 3-5 servings of loose leaf tea, and come in a variety of flavors, including: Lavender Earl Grey, Peppermint Green, Strawberry Rhubarb, Caramel Apple, and Blueberry Burst.

5) Flavored Sugar Cubes

Flavored Sugar Cubes

Treat your baby shower guests to tea with a pop of color and extra flavor with these flavored sugar cubes from Beaucoup. Make them available during the party or as a flavorful gift to enjoy at home. Varieties include: lavender purple, lemon yellow, mint green, raspberry blue, and rose pink.

6) Bath Tea Soaps

Bath Tea Soaps

Treat your baby shower guests to a relaxing, tea-infused bath with these tea soaps from The Soaking Tub. Basically tea bags for bath time, these tea-infused soaps come in a muslin bag that you simply place under the running faucet in your bathtub. The tea leaves will stay in the bag, but the leaf’s benefits will push through the bag to infuse your bath with lovely scents, colors, and relaxing properties. Chamomile, lavender, spearmint, rosemary, juniper and rose petals will make bath time something to look forward to, and the bags are reusable!

7) Personalized Mason Jars

Personalized Mason Jars

These mason jars from Beaucoup offer guests an on-trend glass to take home and use for drinks, storage, or as a memento. An array of designs are available, including baby feet, elephants, a teddy bear, and a stork.  Cute!

8) Personalized Tea Bags

Personalized Tea Bags

These tea bags from I Heart Details are a classy, simple favor to gift your shower attendees. These tea bags are available in black or green tea, and include a personalized name and date to commemorate your special event.