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Trend to Watch: Nitro Tea

March 28, 2017

Nitrogen. It makes up about 80% of the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s present in all living things. This gas has been used to keep food fresh and frozen for years. And now, nitrogen is about to take over our teacups.

You may have heard of nito coffee and beer—drinks infused with nitrogen—but now tea’s getting a chemical makeover, too. Introducing nitrogen to tea adds a creamy texture to the beverage without adding dairy or extra calories from milk. As more Americans cut down on diary, nitro tea is giving tea lovers a creamy option that doesn’t compromise their dietary restrictions or health goals. If you’ve ever felt like your tea habit was missing a dose of science, then nitro tea is for you.

If you’re looking to order nitro tea out at a café or restaurant, look for it at these locations:

Rubies and Diamonds Tea and Coffee in Los Angeles serves three types of nitro tea: Nitro Ginger Ale Green Tea, Nitro Hibiscus Tea, and Nitro Creamy Matcha.

The Café at Le Flour in Chicago serves up one unique nitro tea at a time. Varieties so far have included Peach Punch and Lemon Pound Cake.

Parisi Artisan Coffee sells Nitro Organic Hibiscus Berry Tea at several of its cafes in Kansas.

The Smith Tasting Room in Portland, Oregon, features a masala chai tea on nitro and a strawberry honeybush.

B Sweet in Los Angeles has Nitro Thai Iced Tea, Nitro Hibiscus Tea, and Nitro Matcha Green Tea on tap.

Check out this video for a closer look:

If you’re looking to easily pick up some nitro tea up at the supermarket or have it delivered to your home, check out the following:

B Sweet has its cans of Nitro Matcha Green Tea and Nitro Hibiscus Tea on shelves at Whole Foods, Erewhon, Bristol Farms, and Gelson’s. Plus, the company can deliver kegs of nitro tea to your home or office.

Caveman Coffee sells 4-packs of its Nitro Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea for $20. Each 16-ounce beverage packs a flavor combination of berries, flowers, lemon, and fruit punch.

And if you’re in the mood to make your own nitro tea, consider investing in some equipment:

 The NitroBrew system makes it easy to concoct your own nitro brews at home. The system has only two parts: a charging station and a kettle. The company promises its system will give tea—or any beverage—“a silky mouthfeel and delicious taste.” Get ready to be part chef, part scientist.

This video shows you just how easy it is:

This trend is only beginning to take off, so keep your eyes peeled for more and more options popping up!