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Top 5 Benefits of Valerian Root Tea 

May 25, 2022

Looking for a new tea to try? Valerian root tea comes with a variety of health-savvy benefits and a unique taste, which is why it’s become an underrated favorite for many tea enthusiasts. You’ll be sure to enjoy the woody, earthen notes that this tea has to offer, giving you a foundation for delicious and full-bodied blends when mixed with other teas.

You can also try a variety of other loose leaf herbal tea blends that contain valerian root in the tea blend. A specific option could be a sweet dreams herbal tea we offer.

Below, we cover the taste of valerian root tea, common favorite pairings and blends with valerian root, and the top five health benefits of valerian root tea. 

What does valerian root tea taste like? 

Valerian root tea tastes very intensely herbaceous and oaky, infused with the deep flavors of wood and earth. The smell is powerful when you brew, especially if you are not used to it. However, the taste is milder than the smell. If you choose to shorten your overall brew time, you can savor the lighter, grassy flavors in the tea’s composition—the longer you brew, the deeper and more full-bodied flavor that you can expect. 

What teas pair well with valerian root tea? 

Valerian root tea is delicious to enjoy on its own. Some tea drinkers like to add a splash of lemon juice and a few teaspoons of honey for a gentler taste. However, valerian root is an excellent addition to your favorite infusion teas. Below are a few ideas for some five-star pairings you can enjoy with valerian root tea: 

Valerian root and chamomile 

Blending these two flavors will leave you with a soft, springtime flavor that goes down smoothly. This mix is delicious hot or iced and is the perfect tea to sip on during a busy day. The addition of chamomile supports resiliency and peace under tension, which is the perfect blend to help keep you level and calm through your busy to-do list. 

Valerian root and lemon balm 

Valerian root has soothing properties on its own. When paired with the energizing properties of lemon balm, these two teas work synergistically to help you be more present, focused, and calm under times of mental strain.  

What are the health benefits of valerian root tea? 

Valerian root tea offers a variety of supportive health benefits and can be paired with other teas to amplify the effect. We’ve listed a few of the top valerian root tea benefits below: 

1. Migraine support 

Since ancient times, Valerian root has been used to support those who struggle with headaches and chronic migraines. The plant’s buds and leaves have been used historically as a sedative, supporting migraine sufferers with preventative treatment strategies that work to minimize migraine-inducing stress and tension. It’s been clinically proven to lessen the frequency, duration, and severity of migraines for a number of sufferers, making this an excellent natural way to avoid migraines. 

2. Anxiety relief 

Drinking valerian root tea can help support those who struggle with anxiety disorders. It’s been shown that valerian root can both increase the amount of GABA, the “calming chemical,”  in the brain (causing an effect similar to how Xanax works for those who struggle with panic) and works to bind to GABA receptors: promoting an even higher level of “free” GABA in the brain. If you’re looking for other tea options to help you de-stress, be sure to try our selection of quality green teas.

3. Higher sleep quality 

Insomnia and sleep disturbances can severely affect your overall quality of life. Taking valerian root tea regularly before bed can help you to reach a higher overall quality level of sleep, as well as improve the duration and lessen the time it takes to fall asleep. Enjoying a cup of tea a few hours before bed can help your body enter a state of rest and relaxation in preparation for a rejuvenating rest. 

(Check out our list of favorites here.

4. Reduced menopause symptoms 

If you’re struggling with hormonal shifts caused by menopause, valerian root tea is a great tool to use for hormonal support. It can specifically reduce the occurrence and severity of hot flashes, and provide overall hormonal balancing and regulative properties. It also has little to no side effects, making it an ideal option for those who are not interested in trying HRT for hormonal symptom management. 

5. Mental health support 

Enjoying valerian root tea regularly can help support those who are struggling with depressive thoughts. Valerian has been used and praised for its sedative properties, allowing those who take it to reach higher levels of peace and balance. Getting to this place of calm is often what those who struggle emotionally need to continue to seek healing. 

There are many other teas that can support, reduce, or shorten the duration of mental health symptoms in tandem with a treatment plan from your provider. Click here to view the full list of emotionally supportive teas.