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How to Store Tea at Home

November 15, 2015

So you’ve fallen in love with the magical world of tea, and now you’ve got more varieties than you can count? Have no fear!  We’ve found a few ways to store tea that help keep you calm, cool and collected, just the way tea connoisseurs intended.

First let’s go over the rules for tea storing:

  1. Tea should be kept oxygen free.
  2. Tea must be kept free from heat.
  3. Tea must be kept away from light.
  4. Tea must be kept away from strong odors.
  5. Tea must be kept moisture free.
  6. Tea is best when stored in bulk.

Keeping these in mind. Below are a few fun ways to store your teas.

Use dividers to organize a drawer, or maybe repurpose an old photo storage box to file away your teas. If you want to invest a little more on the decor side, a tea storage box with compartments, is a lovely addition to any kitchen.

Tea Storage Boxes

Handmade wooden boxes make for great kitchen accents. Check out some other Tea Storage Boxes.

Mason Jars

Mason jars with locking lids are an easy way to store teas in pouches or teas that aren’t individually wrapped and sealed.

Small mason jars are perfect for loose leave teas. You can pack as many dry leaves tightly within them. Keep in mind the rules of tea storage, you don’t want your tea to aerate, small jars allow you to use your teas without worrying of early degradation. If mason jars aren’t your aesthetic, you also have the option of storing your loose leaf teas in decorative metal tea tins, but don’t forget to label them!

I know you guys can come up with more creative ways to store tea. Why don’t you tell us about them below?