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Get Crafty: Creative DIY Mugs

March 18, 2016

You’re sitting at home and it’s a Saturday afternoon. You’ve watched pretty much everything on Netflix. There’s nothing on TV. You just finished that book and you’re itching to do something productive. So you decide, let me make something. You’re not in the mood to whip up a feast or bake, so what are you going to do? Get crafty and make a unique new mug to enjoy your next cup of tea, of course!

I know what you’re thinking… That sounds like a lot of work. But if you take a moment to toggle over to Pinterest, you’ll be almost overwhelmed with the variety of DIY mugs that are both professional-looking and easy to make. Here are some of our favorites:

If you’re like me, you have just enough artist skill to get by. I don’t know how to paint or draw very well, but I definitely learned to color in the lines. This metallic gold woodgrain print mug can be yours in a few easy steps.

What you will need to complete this project: plain mug, stencil, permanent marker, rubbing alcohol, q-tips, an oven, and a steady hand (optional).

Next we have two simple and unique techniques to creating your mug masterpiece. In the first DIY option from, you get to drip paint on a mug and blow on it through a straw. Careful it may cause lightheadedness and giggles, but it’s definitely fun! The second from can be done simply with nail polish and warm water.

What you’ll need to complete the design below: plain mug, 3 colors of multi-surface paint, a straw, a feather.

So maybe you love the marbled style, but you don’t have paint handy. Remember all that old nail polish you love, but never wear anymore? Use it to make yourself a brand new mug.

What you’ll need to complete the design below: plain mug, 2-3 colors of nail polish, and a bowl of warm water deep enough to immerse the whole mug.

Maybe watercolor prints and woodgrain isn’t your thing. But perhaps you’ve got great penmanship, a steady-hand, and you love the smell of fresh sharpie in the morning! You can make yourself a custom sharpie design; take a crack at some of these.

What you’ll need to complete the designs below: plain mug, oil paint Sharpie markers, and creative flair!


There are so many creative things to do with your mugs. And you’re only a few steps away from the satisfaction of a fresh cup of tea and knowing you’ve made a unique mug that can never be replicated the exact same way again. Share some of your favorite designs with us in the comments.