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Tea Spots You Need to Visit in Los Angeles

November 21, 2022

In 1840, the Duchess of Bedford shared her guilty secret of enjoying tea and snacks a few hours before dinner, setting a trend that would evolve to become a tradition that we still love to enjoy today. Decadent teas, flutes of Champagne and pretty pastries are a served, while tasty finger foods and potent cocktails company them. This may shock the Duchess of Bedford if she was still here today. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy this experience here in Los Angeles, continue reading.

What is Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon Tea is a tea-related ritual, introduced in Britain in the early 1840’s. It evolved as a mini meal to stem the hunger and anticipation of an evening meal at 8pm. It is composed of sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, sweet pastries and cakes. Interestingly, scones were not a common feature of early Afternoon Tea and were only introduced in the twentieth century! The most common teas that were served during afternoon tea were Earl Grey Tea, Assam Tea and Herbal Chamomile Tea.

Afternoon Tea was initially used as a private social event for women who climbed the upper echelons of society. These receptions could have as many as two hundred guests with an open ‘at home’ invitation to visit between 4pm and 7pm, during which they could come and go as they pleased; this was the genesis of the Afternoon Tea as we know it. Today, Afternoon Tea is usually enjoyed as an occasional indulgence or to celebrate a special event, such as a birthday, a pre-wedding party, or baby shower with a group of friends.

Now that you have the history of Afternoon Tea, we thought you might want to check out a tea room in our backyard of Los Angeles. Here are some cool spots we found just for you.

1. Rose & Blanc Tea Room

Starting at just $38 per person, the Rose & Blanc tea room is a great spot for afternoon tea. They pride themselves on having a serious tea drinking culture with teas from around the world. If you’re looking to pair your teas with delicious bites like their spinach quiche, egg and apple pesto croissant sandwiches, macaroons, scones, and more, this is the spot for you! Right now, they only take reservations on Friday’s and Saturday’s. They tend to book up rather quick so make your reservation in advance!

2. The Peninsula Beverly Hills

We could not make a list of the best tea spots here in LA without including the iconic Peninsula in Beverly Hills. It doesn’t get any more luxurious than afternoon tea at the Living Room inside the Peninsula Beverly Hills. Prices here are a bit more steep, starting at $115 per person which includes finger sandwiches, pastries, and scones with clotted cream, along with an option for free-flowing champagne by Laurent Perrier. To add to the delicious food and champagne, you will be accompanied by a classical harpist and pianist. How dreamy does that sound?

3. The T Room

The T Room is one of the most affordable options to enjoy a spot of afternoon tea in LA. Located in Montrose, the family-run operation offers tea service for $28 that includes lingonberry chicken sandwiches, warm scones, and plenty of pastries. They have a long list of teas to try so you can come back often and try them all!

4. The Wayfarer Downtown Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a tea room that is whimsical and unique, this is your spot. The Alice in Wonderland-themed tea service (yes, you read that right!) is decked out in mood lighting, plush couches, and even has a Zoltar fortune telling machine and vintage pinball game. It’s located in the basement of the Wayfarer hotel and it sure you leave you wanting more! The tea service starts at $45 per person and includes standard sweet and savory offerings. Best of all are the boozy tea infusions, like the Curiouser & Curiouser made with chai tea and rum.

5. Hello Kitty Grand Cafe

This tea spot is located in Orange County which may seem far (LA people, IYKYK) but this spot is worth the drive! Located in a speakeasy-like space hidden behind the Grand Cafe, this is every Hello Kitty lovers dream spot. It’s decked out with plush pink booths and an onslaught of sweets and savories including a smoked salmon sandwich on a pretzel croissant and a goblet of fresh fruit with coconut cream. Tea is priced at $60 per person at this spot. Don’t forget to make a reservation before making the drive out there!

6. Rose Tree Cottage

Sitting just east of LA is the Rose Tree Cottage. The name alone could make us want to give it a try. This tea house is one of the most charming in town. The menu consists of cucumber sandwiches, scones with Devonshire clotted cream, and sticky toffee pudding all served by a suited butler. The dress code here is enforced so be sure to dress up for this one.

You could even check out many of our loose leaf tea collections at The Tea Kitchen and host a little Afternoon Tea Party in the comfort of your own home. With many flavored loose leaf teas or black teas to try out, you could try a few host some friends to a tea party everyone will enjoy!

Tea Travel

Tea Rooms to Add to Your Bucket List

July 30, 2021

Image Courtesy of: POPSUGAR Photography / Tara Block

From the aesthetic interiors to the mouthwatering tea party delicacies, we found 10 tea destinations across the globe that need to be on your bucket list. Sip your tea in style at one of these 10 incredible tea spots.

Sketch – London, UK

Calling all lovers of pink and aesthetics, Sketch is THE place for you. If you find yourself in London and are looking for an afternoon out, we recommend trying Sketch. Not only will you love the interior of this fabulous spot, but you can also enjoy Michelin-starred food while sipping a cup of afternoon tea.

Bellocq Tea Atelier – Brooklyn, NY

Tucked away in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn is the Bellocq Tea Atelier. This hidden gem offers a wide variety of luxury teas to choose from and is even available for sale online. Feel at home with the antique bedroom-style pastel décor and draping greenery inside this cute Brooklyn tea wonderland. The Bellocq Tea Atelier offers tastings of their luxury tea so you can pick one to your liking.

Image Courtesy of: Sadie Lebow (guest of a guest)

Cha Cha Matcha – NY & LA

If you are matcha-obsessed like the rest of us, then you must visit Cha Cha Matcha. With locations in both New York and Los Angeles, this cute chain of matcha shops offer an alternative to artisanal coffee culture with a menu full of tasty delights made from ceremonial grade matcha. Enjoy everything from matcha soft serve to a matcha latte, and don’t forget to take an Instagram-worthy picture in their aesthetic shop.

Jiufen Teahouse – Taiwan

Perched on a hillside in Taiwan is where you will find the quaint and iconic Jiufen Teahouse. This small town was once a dense area for mining, but now is home to over 2 dozen teahouses. The interior ambiance of this 2-story teahouse is meant to replicate an old wooden house in Jiufen. It is unique in its structure and decor and offers fantastic views of the city. Learn about traditional Taiwan tea while enjoying a cup at the Jiufen Teahouse.

Lake Agnes Tea House – Alberta, Canada

The Lake Agnes Tea house is in the Alberta Rocky Mountains of Canada. The home in which it resides in once served as a refuge home for hikers where they began serving tea in 1905. It is a family-run teahouse that has created a new tradition of enjoying tea on the mountain top at Lake Agnes. Enrich yourself in the Canadian tea culture of Alberta and enjoy a cup of fine loose-leaf tea at the Lake Agnes Tea House.

Image Courtesy of: The Ritz Carlton

Salon Proust, Ritz Paris – Paris, France

Experience the ritual of afternoon tea at the Salon Proust of the Ritz Carlton in Paris. Afternoon tea at the Salon Proust is served in the traditional British style. Find your tea accompanied by savory sandwiches, biscuits, scones, and Parisian pastries from the head pastry chef. This tearoom will take you back to the iconic French Rococo period with its picturesque décor. The virtuous flavors and colors of the Salon Proust will leave you begging for more.

Aman Tokyo – Japan

Enjoy afternoon tea at the luxurious Aman Tokyo Hotel. The minimalistic décor creates a relaxing ambiance with soft white lighting and balanced architectural features. They offer high tea service with aesthetic presentations and vibrantly tasteful Japanese teas. Enjoy authentic Japanese pastries and savory foods paired with your favorite traditional Japanese teas.  

Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon at Fortnum and Mason – London, UK

Located on the 4th floor of Fortnum and Mason in London is the Diamond Jubliee Tea Salon. This space has served many different purposes as it once served as a family apartment, interior decorating department, and antiques department. Visit this incredible award-winning tea salon for a sophisticated afternoon tea experience.

Image Courtesy of: Dushanbe Tea House

Dushanbe Tea House – Boulder, CO

I know what you are thinking. A Teahouse in Colorado may sound a little random, but what you may not know is that this special tea house was created as a gift from Tajikistan. During the 1980s, Boulder and Dushanbe, became sister cities as they entered a cultural agreement to encourage tourism and build a friendship across seas. Artisans in Tajikistan carefully built this incredible teahouse and shipped it across the world in 1990. It now stands as a beautiful cultural temple teahouse in Boulder that can be characterized by its’ intricate detailing and vibrant colors.

Huxinting Teahouse – Shanghai

Complete your trip to Shanghai with a visit to the Huxinting Tea House. The façade of this incredible teahouse is a reason to visit in itself. Located in the main pavilion of the Yuyuan Garden, this teahouse is one of the oldest operating teahouses in Shanghai as it dates back to the ruling of the Ming Dynasty in 1855. Enjoy traditional Chinese tea and architecture when you visit the picturesque Huxinting Teahouse.

These 10 tea destinations are rich in flavor, culture, and history. Whether you opt for the traditional route or the alternative one, these tea spots are sure to impress you (and your taste buds).