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Earl Grey Cake With Chocolate Lavender Frosting

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Check Out These Gorgeous Tea-Infused Birthday Cakes

August 3, 2017

The birthday cake is the true star of any birthday celebration—other than the birthday boy or girl, of course. Make your next birthday party a delicious day to remember with a tea-infused birthday cake. You and your guests will delight in a culinary twist that makes dessert a unique experience. Check out these gorgeous, lip smacking cakes and keep them in mind for your next birthday soiree!

1) Black Tea Cake with Honey Buttercream

Black Tea Cake with Honey Buttercream

This elegant cake from Pastry Affair spikes the cake batter with 3 tablespoons of black tea brewed in warm milk. The cake enjoys a unique, speckled appearance thanks to the tea. The bitter tea contrasts auspiciously with the sweet, honey-based frosting for an overall taste sensation.

2) Jasmine Green Tea Birthday Cake

Jasmine Green Tea Birthday Cake

 This flavor-bursting cake from Tea Squirrel features cake batter infused with jasmine green tea, mango lime curd in the middle, and raspberry frosting on top. Says the author, “The jasmine green tea scent is subtle and very pleasant and I love the contrast between the richness of the cake layers and the tartness of the mango curd and raspberry frosting.” Bright pink, this cake is sure to get everyone in the celebratory mood.

3) Earl Grey Cake With Chocolate Lavender Frosting

Earl Grey Cake With Chocolate Lavender FrostingTo make this pretty cake from Sift & Whisk, start by steeping four earl grey tea bags in a combination of milk and vanilla beans over medium low heat. Discard the tea bags, then use the tea-infused concoction in the cake batter. Finish things off with a majestic light purple frosting that combines lavender with chocolate for a sweet crescendo.

4) Tea-Infused Watermelon Cake

Tea-Infused Watermelon Cake

This recipe from Bluebird Tea Company swaps out cake batter for an actual watermelon and tops it with a tea-infused frosting for a healthy iteration of the birthday cake. This cake uses Watermelon Splash tea from Bluebird, a combination of green and white teas, dired apple, hibiscus, rosehip, dried coconut, pineapple, lemongrass, and lemon peel. Brew the tea, then whisk into hardened coconut milk to create the icing. After you’ve removed the watermelon skin, top with the icing, and garnish with additional fruit.

5) Earl Grey Chiffon Cake

Earl Grey Chiffon Cake

A chiffon cake uses egg whites to create a light, healthier dessert. This cake from Thirsty For Tea’s Bonnie Eng is a light way to cap off a heavy birthday feast. This recipe enlists earl grey tea for a punch of flavor. Says Eng, “Earl Grey tea gives this cake its distinctive and elegant taste. The cake is infused with this citrusy tea in both its liquid and leaf forms so that its floral flavor infuses thoroughly into each fluffy bite. I used one tea bag in its steeped form, and 3 other tea bags for their dry leaves.” Top with light whipped cream and fruit for an elegant finish.

6) Matcha Cake

Matcha Cake

This cake from Omnivore’s Cookbook is a tall, 3-layer cake that will delight any matcha enthusiast. The author cautions that “the sweetness of the cake is very much on the Asian end of the spectrum,” elaborating that “depending on your perspective of how a dessert should taste, this cake might not seem sweet enough.” The frosting, for instance, contains no sugar, but is very creamy. Red bean paste balances the bitter matcha throughout the cake, and the end result is simply beautiful.