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Teas for Beauty and The Beast Fans

April 5, 2017

Beauty and the Beast’s live-action reboot starring Emma Watson has made an impressive $750 million worldwide, and its box office power is poised to keep climbing.

While it’s natural to focus on Belle and the prince-turned-beast-turned-prince at the center of this fairy tale, as tea lovers, our attention’s on Mrs. Potts and Chip, a talking teapot and her imperfectly perfect teacup son.

If seeing this movie leaves you wanting more Mrs. Potts and Chip, look no further than the following Beauty and the Beast-themed teas and teaware:


Mrs. Potts and Chip Teaware

Innovation Function sells this ceramic Mrs. Potts and Chip set that is both functional and decorative. You’ll have to sing “Tale As Old As Time” yourself and keep this dynamic due out of the dishwasher, but the pair’s smiling faces are a welcome addition to any tea time.

vintage porcelain teapot

long white ribbed teapot







If you want a teapot that’s less obvious but still conjures echoes of “Be Our Guest,” opt for one of these red-rose teapots: This vintage porcelain teapot featuring many roses from Willow Tree Chickadee or this long white, ribbed teapot featuring just one from My Vintage Alcove that’s both sleek and classic.


Belle famously has until the petals of a rose shed to fall in love with the Beast, or his servants will remain imprisoned inside household objects. Before or after the film, get in the mood with rose-based teas. There are many options:

White Rose Loose tea from Numi Organic Tea

White Rose Loose tea from Numi Organic Tea combines white tea with rose buds for a sweet and fragrant low-caffeine cuppa.

This Rose Green Tea from Kusmi TeaThis Rose Green Tea from Kusmi Tea rolls Chinese green tea in rose petals for a floral take on the bitter Asian tea.
Rose Hips With Hibiscus from Traditional Medicines

Rose Hips With Hibiscus from Traditional Medicines uses rose hips to create a tea that Traditional Medicines promotes as “fruity, tangy, and refreshing.” But what exactly are rose hips? The rose hip is the red berry on the wild dog rose bush. Rose hips form after the petals fall off a dead rose and contain the rose’s seeds. Rose hips were used medicinally for centuries by the ancient Chinese, Greeks, Romans, and Persians, and are still in use today by herbalists. WebMD says that fresh rose hips are a good source of Vitamin C, and that this part of the plant has been used to treat ailments such as stomach problems, sciatica, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Rosebuds and Petals Tea from The Tea Spot

Rosebuds and Petals Tea from The Tea Spot contains rose buds and petals from Morocco. It is caffeine-free and described as “floral and tranquil.”

Twinnings Beauty and the Beast Collection

And Twinnings has a Beauty and the Beast Collection featuring four teas. Boxes contain 20 tea bags and are priced at $3.99. The flavors are: Pure Peppermint, Orange & Cinnamon Spice, Lemon & Ginger, and Camomile, Honey & Ginger.


red rose teapot necklace

This red rose teapot necklace from Stumbling on Sainthood is porcelain, handmade, and perfectly combines roses, tea, and fashion—three things that go perfectly with Belle.