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Teas to Sip This Hanukkah

December 20, 2016

This year, Hanukkah’s “eight crazy nights” fall from Saturday, December 24 to Sunday, January 1. If you’re looking for a tea to sip while you celebrate or a tea to gift someone observing the holiday, look no further. Here are our suggestions for a tea-filled Hanukkah:

1) Blue, White, and Silver Teas

If you’re in search of a tea that goes along with your blue, white, and silver Hanukkah decorations, we’ve got you covered.   Consider these colorful creations when choosing what to brew:

Blue Teas

The True Blueberry tea from Celestial Seasonings is caffeine free, herbal, and packed with blueberry flavor thanks to blueberry leaves, wild blueberries, and natural blueberry flavors. Hibiscus, rosehips, orange peel, and blackberry leaves enhance the blue tea’s flavor profile. Added bonus: According to Livestrong, blueberry tea provides so many antioxidants that it can support brain function and lower your risk for developing type-2 diabetes. Also consider blue matcha from Blue Chai. This color-warped matcha comes in a cute bamboo tube. Plus, you can use it as a food dye for all sorts of culinary makeovers this holiday season. Or, opt for Blue Chai’s Butterfly Blue Pea Tea, made from sundried butterfly pea flowers native to South East Asia and India, also known as Asian Pigeonwing. For a fun party trick, you can turn this blue tea pink by adding lemon or lime juice to the liquid.

Silver and White Tea

The phrase “silver tea” is actually used to describe a tea party that doubles as a fundraiser, per Miriam Webster. If you want to throw a silver tea this Hanukkah, consider serving Teavana’s silver needle white tea. Teavana describes this white tea, which was once reserved only for the Imperial Family in China, as a “delicate and refreshing infusion with a sweet, silky ending.”  White tea is made from Camellia sinensis plant buds that are not rolled or oxidized, making them the most minimally processed tea available. Try any of the many flavors added to white tea bags by Republic of Tea, from pineapple guava and honey mango to orange blossom and ginger peach.

2) Glow-In-The-Dark Tea

Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights, celebrating a miracle in which oil that should have lasted the Jews who reclaimed the Temple in Jerusalem for one night instead lasted for eight. Lighting the menorah each night emphasizes the importance of light to this holiday. If you’re craving more light than a menorah can supply, keep your eyes peeled for glow-in-the-dark tea bags. South Korean designer Wonsik Chae invented the Lighting Bag, essentially a glow-in-the-dark tea bag. The fluorescent molecules inside the tea bag react with the liquid to make it glow. There’s not actually any tea inside the bag, but we’re hopeful that Chae will keep working on his invention until that’s the case. If you want to drink glow-in-the-dark tea, we recommend you serve your favorite tea inside a glow-in-the-dark mug, of which many are on the market.

3) Flavorful Teas

Want your beverage to contain some classic Jewish flavors? Try this babka-flavored dessert tea from Black Teas by Petali, this Apple Strudel Tea from Capital Teas, or this certified kosher Pomegranate Tea from Wissotzky Tea.

Happy Hanukkah!