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Mother’s Day Tea Gifts

May 5, 2017

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14. If your mom is an avid tea sipper, we’ve got some great gift ideas for you right here:

1) This Spoon

This Spoon

Think you have the best mom ever? Remind her every time she adds a spoonful of sugar to her tea with this vintage, stamped spoon from Eve of Joy. Choose from a teaspoon for $16, a tablespoon for $20, or a long handle teaspoon for $18. Want a different message for Mom stamped on your spoon? This shop does custom orders as well.

2) This Funny Mug

i make my own people mug

Is there anything more impressive than growing a human being? Your mom literally made you, so the very least she deserves is a mug that states this oh-so-impressive feat. (And even if your mom isn’t your biological parent, she still made you the person you are today, so she deserves a mug, too!) With every sip of tea from this mug, your mother will know that you revere her strength and general awesomeness.

3) Any of This Gorgeous Tea ware

 Gorgeous Tea ware

These handmade teapots, teacups, and mugs from ocpottery might not be as beautiful as your mother, but they’re still pretty stunning. A little on the expensive side, they’re worth it for the craftsmanship and beauty. Made by Kazem Arshi in Anaheim Hills, California, this pottery is uniquely perfect for the tea drinking mama in your life.

4) This Mug for a New Mom

new mom mug

If this is the first Mother’s Day for a woman in your life, gift her this cheeky mug to mark the occasion. With parenthood, they say the days are long but the years are short. It won’t be long before she’s sipping tea from this mug, reflecting on her first Mother’s Day back in 2017. (For more experienced mothers, you can also customize the year on this product.)

5) Jewelry from Tiny Teapot Jewelry

Tiny Teapot Jewelry

Tiny Teapot Jewelry sells lots of jewelry that has one thing in common: teapots. From charm bracelets to necklaces and pendants to earrings, this company offers a wide array of items, and something is bound to fit your tea-loving mother’s style.

6) These Teabag Holders

Teabag Holders

What better place for Mom to rest her used teabag than an adorable, teapot-shaped dish? These handmade teabag holders come in a variety of colors, and are wheel thrown from stoneware clay out of Colorado. They can go in the microwave and the dishwasher, so they’re a winning combo of practical and cute–just like Mom.

7) Wine Style Cold Brew Tea Bottle

Arbor Teas Cold Brew Tea Bottle


This unique cold brewer from Arbor Teas replaces your pitcher of tea with a wine bottle-inspired container. To use, Arbor instructs:

Simply place your loose leaf tea in the glass bottle, fill the bottle with room temperature water, mount the bottle spout and cork with the filter set inside, and place in your refrigerator for 4-8 hours. Easy as that! When it has infused to your desired strength, uncork and pour. The tall body allows your tea leaves to swirl freely for maximum flavor as it steeps.”

Made in Japan, each bottle holds 25 ounces of tea, and is sure to put a smile on your tea (and wine)-loving mother’s face.


Happy Mother’s Day!