Tea Health Benefits

Best Energizing Teas for Summer 2022 

Looking for a natural way to get a plant-powered boost? Our list of energizing teas will be just the thing you need to keep yourself ready for adventure all summer long. Teas have been hailed as one of the best ways to boost your…

April 15, 2022
Tea History & Culture

Tea Wellness: Mindful Tea Making 101

It’s no secret that meditation is a huge factor in overall health and wellness. When it’s difficult to meditate, you can build moments of mindfulness into the day through simple activities like brewing and enjoying a cup of tea. Before we jump in, let’s…

March 29, 2022
Tea Guides

A Beginners Guide: The Six Types of Teas

All teas come from the same plant called Camillea Sinensis. What makes these teas different from one another is the processing of the tea leaves. There are six mains types of teas: Black Tea, White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong, Dark and Yellow Tea. You…

March 23, 2022
Tea Health Benefits

Five Teas That Will Get Rid of Your Hangover

We’ve all had those night where we have one to many drinks at happy hour with friends and we wake up feeling not our best. Alcohol being incredibly dehydrating will result in symptoms like headache, dry mouth and fatigue when you’re hungover, which is…

March 18, 2022
Tea Guides

Top 5 Springtime Teas To Enjoy

Tea is delicious any time of year and can be made in any way to give you an ideal beverage of choice for whatever weather or occasion you find yourself in. Spring is an especially great season to enjoy tea in, as it brings…

March 8, 2022