Tea Health Benefits

Tea Wellness: Sipping for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Beautiful skin starts from within. From the inside, out. While we can spend hundreds of dollars on all types of different skincare, we first need to make sure that what’s going on inside is clean, too. When your insides are working properly, it really…

February 28, 2022
Tea Health Benefits

The Best Teas to Help Alleviate a Sore Throat

Drinking fluids when you’re feeling under the wether is essential to help flush out toxins from the body. Warm liquids can be especially comforting when your throat is irritated. But sipping certain herbal teas like licorice root or green tea may have even greater…

February 22, 2022
Tea Recipes

Tea Pairing 101: What Tea Should I Pair with my Meal

You may have heard of the traditional tea time foods like sandwiches, scones and cakes to pair with tea but what about every other meal? Just like certain wines pair perfectly with certain foods, tea is exactly the same. With their different flavor profiles,…

February 17, 2022
Tea Health Benefits

Reset with Night Time Teas

After a long day, it can be hard to unwind and turn off your brain at bedtime. Between deadlines at work, your kid’s soccer practice and the laundry piling up, you may have trouble de-stressing while trying to fall asleep. While there are many…

February 15, 2022
Tea History & Culture

Tea Holidays to Celebrate All Year Long

Tea, for many of us, is a beverage that we celebrate in our everyday life. As tea lovers, most of us don’t need a holiday to drink our favorite cup. It’s just part of our routine! But, when there is a holiday, it makes…

February 11, 2022
Tea Recipes

Quick and Easy Vegan Matcha Green Tea Pancakes

After a long week at work, what are you looking forward to? Sleeping in? Getting outdoors? A delicious brunch? Look no further because we are showing you an easy and delicious matcha pancake recipe that is going to make all your brunch dreams come…

February 7, 2022
Tea Guides

The Tea Kitchen’s Loose Leaf Tea Brewing Guide

Making the switch from tea bags to loose leaf tea can feel intimidating at first but we promise it is easy and worth it! When you steep loose leaf tea, it has more room to expand and infuse the water with its many vitamins, minerals…

February 2, 2022
Tea Health Benefits

5 Delicious Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has been enjoyed for centuries and was made popular thanks to its clean, crisp, and refreshing taste. Beyond its deliciousness, peppermint tea offers a variety of health benefits to drinkers — elevating the drink in an entirely new way. In this blog…

January 31, 2022