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Tea Recipes

7 Tea Cocktail Recipes to Try this Spring

March 7, 2016
iced green tea mojito

So we’ve shown you how to bake with tea and pair it with food, but what about how to drink with it?When you initially think of tea, there’s a good chance you don’t associate it with alcohol or going out. Tea has been around for centuries and has definitely had its fair exposure to the cocktail world. But for some reason, it seems to have lost its popularity in cocktails. We want to change that. We’ve found some of the best tea cocktails on the internet and can’t wait to test them out.

Chai Tea CocktailChai_tea_cocktail 2

We love this recipe because it’s so simple and sounds delicious! Enjoy it in the fall with some pumpkin baked goods or in the summer over ice on the beach. Regardless of where you test this out, you really can never go wrong with chai in any form.

Iced Green Tea Mojito

iced green tea mojito

Who doesn’t want to get rich antioxidants while simultaneously relaxing with a cocktail? This mojito does it all and will surely serve as the perfect summer drink. The ingredients are all very simple, so odds are you probably already have them. And did we mention it’s only 110 calories?! What more is there to love.

Adult Iced Tea

Adult Iced Tea

This tasty but strong drink is sure to satisfy your craving for iced tea and, apparently, tastes just like the real thing! This recipe uses Earl Grey and is perfect for hot summer days. Relax and enjoy this by the pool, but make sure to take it slow.

White Peach and Green Tea Bellinipeaches-11.jpg

This recipe is by far our favorite. This peachy and summery drink is perfect to enjoy anytime and even has a small caffeine kick. We love the mix of flavors and how refreshing this drink is.You can even use Starbucks Teavana Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea to make your job a little easier.

Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

This cocktail has a great energy boost to start the night off. Its mild but classic flavor makes it perfect to enjoy at any time of the year. It’s also relatively healthy compared to nearly every other cocktail out there. The recipe calls for some lavender sprigs, which are definitely worth getting and make the drink much more flavorful!

Lemonade in Bloom

As described above, this “boozy, floral eye-opener” makes the perfect refreshment. The chamomile tea used in this recipe definitely adds a calming factor that is well harmonized with the lemon infused vodka. While this takes a bit of prep, it will easily be the hit of the party.

Pu-erh Old Fashioned

This drink takes some preparation ahead of time, but boy is it worth it. It’s the perfect twist on the classic Old Fashioned and can definitely be tailored to your taste buds. Use your favorite Bourbon that can be enjoyed neat, and you’re on your way to this perfect treat.

Let us know which recipe is your favorite after trying them out in the comments below!

Tea Accessories

Things You Need for the Perfect Tea Kit

January 4, 2016

So you want be a tea lover? If tea isn’t your cup of tea (I had to), you probably just haven’t found your flavor yet. In addition to finding the right blend, getting the right tools and accessories is essential to perfecting your tea kit. From tea sets to spoons and mugs, this list will give you an idea of some of the basics to getting your tea kit together.

Tea care

Whether it’s loose tea or bagged tea, everybody has their own preference. If you’re a die-hard tea lover like myself, you’ll want to dedicate a drawer or cupboard to different types of tea. If you don’t have a cupboard, a small shelf will do. Like we mentioned earlier, there is really a tea for every mood, so stock up on your favorites and try to get a variety.

Here are some example variety packs to get you a head start:

This Bigelow Set of tea is perfect for those looking to begin their sets and try out different flavors at a reasonable price.

This sampler comes in a chic jar and has a wide variety of top-quality flavors.

For those of you looking to explore loose tea, this sampler is the perfect way to expose your palate to the rare and delicate flavors that are out there. Plus they come in airtight, non-clear containers which prevents the teas from getting stale.


Now hopefully you already have some, but a good mug is just as essential as the tea you’re drinking.

If you’re on the go, invest in a reusable to-go cup like this one.

Classic Porcelain tea sets are always in style too.

Want a cute mug specifically built for tea? This is your mug.

Some mugs even have built in tea-infusers.


This Chinese-inspired teapot acts as the perfect decor for your kitchen and of course does its job well. With intricate details and unique color, it will definitely be a staple in your kit.

You can never go wrong with a classic white porcelain teapot to serve tea in or to keep it warm for your guests.

Tea strainer

For those of you who prefer loose tea, you’ll need a good quality infuser to get the best taste possible. Luckily, there are all sorts of tea infusers, many with cute, decorative charm to them too.

With their leaf handle to pull in and out of the mug, these infusers focus on functionality.

Who could resist this manatee infuser?!

A spoonful of sugar

Having a stash of milk, honey and sugar is essential to perfect your tea. I prefer some plain and other with a dash of sweetness, either way, I keep my set within close proximity to my cupboard. Milk and sugar are the obvious go-to’s but there are plenty of alternative options like almond milk, agave and stevia.

These cute dishes will add charm to whatever you may want to keep near your tea.

These saucers would be the perfect set up for your tea additives.


Yes, a regular old spoon will work, but these cute spoons are just too tempting and they’re custom hand stamped.

With these items, you’re on your way to becoming a tea connoisseur in no time. Like we said before, if you think you don’t like tea, you just haven’t found the right one quite yet.

Did we miss anything? Let us know by commenting your must have tea kit items!

Tea Accessories

Top Accessories for Tea Lovers

December 16, 2015

Whether you’re just getting into tea or have been a lifelong fan, you’ve probably encountered the excessive amount of tea accessories. From the essentials like mugs and strainers to the extravagant tea sets and teapots, there really is something for everyone. We’ve compiled a list of the best accessories for any type of tea lover.


Our favorite mug sites are from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Etsy. We love how quirky, classic, and cozy their mugs are without compromising quality. Whichever mug you may fancy, we’re sure they’ll add a little pep to your daily cup (or cups) of tea.

Check out these gems we’ve fallen in love with:

Anthropologies’ monogram mugs are timeless and a staple to anyone’s cupboard. It seems like every time I’m at someone’s house, I spot one of these. They really have become a trademark for Anthropologie and will never go out of style. Their perfect thumb whole makes for an easy grip, too!

Also from Anthropologie, these hand-painted teacups are vibrant and will spruce up any cup of tea! The delicate but colorful patterns will also brighten up any kitchen as decoration. These cups really make us want to sit down and have our own little tea party.

This elephant mug from Urban Outfitters will melt your heart as you sip your tea. The little tea bag compartment will save you the trip to the trash can if you get comfortable with your tea but decide it’s time to stop brewing. And we love how cute but definitely not cheesy this design is– after all we are trying to be grown ups drinking tea, right?

Etsy has a wide selection of mugs ranging from custom to quirky and classic. This octopus mug is sure to add some excitement to your morning. Depending on the tea you’re drinking, the octopus won’t be visible until you are about half way done with your cup, so drink up!

Channel your inner Homer Simpson while drinking from this Etsy pink sprinkle donut mug. This mug has the classic shape design with a classic donut featured, what’s not to love?

Kitchen decor

Show your love for tea to visitors of your home with these cute decor pieces.

While this phrase is usually associated with “But first, coffee” tea lovers deserve some love too. We love the black framed decorative text for a subtle and classy expression of tea love. We think placing this in the kitchen next to your tea kit would be adorable, but really it would look great anywhere!

Whether for your living room coffee table, tea table or your own reference, we love all the facts and suggestions in “Tea” by Hattie Ellis. If you think you know everything about tea, you’ve got to think again. This book taught us things we never thought we needed to know! With tips on exactly how long to brew certain types of tea, how to store tea, and where certain teas come from, you’re bound to learn something new.

Love pumpkins and fall? Love DIY? Well, we have found the project for you. This pumpkin tea set is the perfect display to showing off your crafty skills, love for tea and, most importantly, you get to enjoy your own cup of pumpkin tea. Why waste time carving a pumpkin that you can’t get a cup of tea out of anyway? Not to mention, this blogger has a killer recipe for pumpkin chai lattes to put in your new tea set.

Spruce up your cup

Still want the coziness of a cup in your hand as you rush off to that morning meeting?  Don’t fret, this to go cup sweater is here to solve your problems! We also love that this cover is so eco-friendly. Think about all the paper those disposable heat guards use! (A lot) And this really does add up. Take this cup sweater with you to Starbucks, or use it for your home-brew. Cozy, stylish, and eco-friendly!

Using the right spoon to stir your tea is essential, and this hand stamped spoon will do just the trick. For that cup of tea that needs honey, milk, or sugar, why not get a designated tea spoon? Or even just use it as display in your kitchen! Hand-stamped and one of a kind, these spoons are the key to perfecting that cup of tea.

‘Tis the season for cute tea spoons! These spoons from Etsy are the perfect way to embrace the holiday season. Perfect for display and functionality, these spoons are sure to spark some sort of conversation with guests. While cozying up to the fire with your festive mug and perhaps Candy Cane tea, why not have your tea spoon be festive too?

To wear

Show your love for your favorite drink by wearing it on your head! Super soft and handmade in Peru, this beanie will add charm to any outfit. Fellow tea lovers will flock to you as you walk down the street in your warm, cute, and quirky beanie wherever you may be.

If you love cross stitching and jewelry, this hand embroidered necklace is for you. The cross stitch pendant is made to order — bound to be one of a kind. Subtle, with a hint of vintage feel, and of course quirkiness will be added to any outfit with the help of this necklace.

We love finding any opportunity possible to show our love for tea and these accessories make it a tad easier to do.

Have any favorites that you want to share? Let us know in the comments below.

Tea Recipes

How to Bake With Tea

November 16, 2015

Tea isn’t just for drinking. It’s for eating too! Our favorite way to eat tea is through a sweet treat. From cupcakes to scones and muffins, these recipes will take your love for tea to a new level!

Chai Pumpkin Teacup Pies

These individual-serving chai pumpkin teacup pies are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth while being healthy! They’re perfect for the holiday season with their infusion of warm flavors.

Vanilla Rooibos Tea Cookies

The perfect pairing with your cup of tea by the fire, these vanilla rooibos tea cookies boast a crisp, buttery texture and serious flavor. With pure rooibos leaves in them, every bite will have great flavor and your house will smell wonderful!

Early Grey Ice Cream With Blackberry Swirl

While you may associate a cup of tea with cold weather, you’ll definitely crave this earl grey ice cream during the summertime. The blackberry jam mixed in the ice cream adds a unique twist to your typical strong yet subtle earl grey flavor.

Green Tea Cheesecake

For those who feel they are not totally apt to baking, this green tea cheesecake is no bake and a no brainer. We love the added ease of this recipe along with its green tea flavor and benefits of antioxidants and vitamins.

Earl Grey Tea Cake With Honey And Lemon

This recipe for earl grey tea cake is the perfect way to infuse earl grey with a cozy loaf and the classic flavors of honey and lemon. This recipe calls for Alokozay earl grey tea but, any of your favorite earl greys will do the trick.

Vanilla Chia And Earl Grey Chocolate Banana MuffinsVanilla Chia and Earl Grey Chocolate Banana Muffins

Another infusion of earl grey but with a big twist are these vanilla chia and earl grey chocolate banana muffins. They will hit home, and hit the spot, with their perfect balance of flavors. Despite its sweetness the ingredients are health-conscious!

Chai Tea CupcakesChai Tea Cupcakes

For a quick breakfast or post-dinner dessert, chai tea cupcakes will never fail! This recipe includes a sweet vanilla buttercream and has perfected the balance of sweetness and spice of chai.

Matcha Green Tea Donutsmatcha green tea baked donuts

This adventurous and complex recipe will surely prove rewarding for those who give it a try! We love the unique matcha flavor infused into the cakey donuts.

There are plenty more recipes where that came from, but these flavors and desserts really caught our attention! Let us know how your baking turns out or if we missed your favorite recipe below.

Want to find your favorite tea, the Art of Tea Wizard can help you find it!

Tea Guides

Non-Pumpkin Flavors to Enjoy This Fall

October 16, 2015
tea and mittens

gloves and white tea mug

Now that it’s fall, odds are you’ve encountered the pumpkin craze. But pumpkin spice latte isn’t for everyone. Some people see it as the epitome of the season but there are plenty of other flavors to enjoy this time of year. Here are some of our suggestions for those of you looking to expand your taste beyond pumpkin


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but who said it couldn’t be apple tea! This tea makes us especially reminiscent of our childhood of drinking warm apple cider, less thick and heavy.  Here’s an Apple Tea that you’ll love and is perfect to cozy up with on a chilly night. 


You can really never go wrong with chai. There are so many variations that you’re bound to find some type you like. Our personal favorite is Bigelow Vanilla Chai. This flavor has the best aroma every time you make it and has the perfect balance of sugar and spice. If you’re going for more of a sweet drink, add some milk, sugar and/or honey and you’re golden!


Who says it’s too early for holiday flavors? Gingerbread is the perfect essence if you’re looking for something to awaken those taste buds. This gingerbread spice tea, with a blend of cinnamon and ginger, will satisfy any sweet tooth and it’s naturally caffeine free! (Ideal for an after dinner delight)


We love this vanilla black tea! It’s tasty with some milk and sweetener but still lighter than a latte.


This new salted caramel tea from Bigelow is to die for and has a combination of sweet and salty! Like vanilla black tea, salted carmel is best with milk and sweetener and paired with a treat.


Maple tea has the smoothest flavor for those looking to indulge. This particular tea comes in a wooden box, which can be used for decor or preservation!


Cinnamon tea is just slightly spicier than chai but still has that cozy flavor perfect for fall! This combination of warm and spicy flavors is best enjoyed outdoors by a campfire.

Earl grey

Earl Grey is a classic tea that can really be enjoyed year-round. But what we love the most is the blend of citrus and black tea, especially in the fall. Bigelow makes a great earl grey with amazing bergamot oil from Italy.


This honey vanilla chamomile tea is our all time favorite variation of the herb. The honey vanilla flavor adds sweetness but doesn’t overwhelm the chamomile flavor. At the end of a long fall day, this too is the flavor to cozy up to.

While pumpkin is the obvious popular trend this time of the year, there are plenty more flavors to “fall” in love with! Cozy-up to some of our flavors by fireside or on a brisk walk — we guarantee you’ll enjoy every sip.

Have any additional flavor suggestions of favorite fall teas? Let us know in the comments below!